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Mac Repair Service &
Data Recovery Store.

Please don't approach us for Windows or Android device. We don't service them. Those devices will be sent right back to you. If you have any concern, call us or use the estimate button below to send us your queries.

10+ Years of Mac Service Experience.

To get service for your Mac, you can make a reservation by walking-in at Apple Repair Club Service Store or online. Make sure you provide your Mac or iOS device password during your appointment.

Or, if you have a Mac notebook, contact us and we'll send you a box you can use to ship it to our Repair Center. We'll return your repaired product to you as quickly as possible. We will update you the status of the repair as services progress.

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Critical Data Recovery Service.

Having over 98% of macOS and iOS data recovery success rate, we have already saved thousands of terrabits of data for thousands of users. We may also save your data when you are going through Apple Device malfunction, liquid impact or accidental damages.

Your Mac and iOS device in our service hand is recoverable, secure and confidential. You can visit us, mail-in your device for service or request forensic consultation for free.

2% or Less
3K+ Units
SSD Succeeded
5K+ Units
HD Drive Succeeded
NAND/Flash Succeeded

Sept, 2019

Making Mac Fast. Secure. Reliable.

Your Mac becomes slow overtime. We service and upgrade Mac to make it fast. Over 98% of Mac users do not uptimize Mac for security and privacy. We make it secure by preventing ISPs and external world gain access, read, store and even sell your data, or use it to target you with ads. And when we service your Mac, we make is more reliable.

This is Apple Repair Club, dedicated to service, secure and make every Mac run fast and work efficiently.

Have an old Mac? Let us upgrade it to make it unbelievably fast and secure.

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Keeping Mac Malware at Bay.

Millions of Mac computers constantly connect to the Internet that also impowers dark-net. Connections are not filtered and evasive penetrations are experimented in an scalable chunk. Any Mac can easily be a victim of remote injection that is intended to collect private and confidential information from your Mac secretely. We screen your Mac and destroy Malware, Trojans, Keyloggers and Spyware.

Do not trust your Internet. Do not believe in the belief -- Mac will not get hacked. This assumtion was made about 15 years ago when there were barely any Mac computer hackers and attackers were quite interested in. Schedule appointment online.

Why us?

Dedicated Mac repair service and support store that empowers data recovery techniques to a whole new level. It meets and even exceeds Apple class services. It deploys security & firewall protocol to each and every Mac it repairs. Nonetheless, it helps refresh every bit of computing power and performance possible.

Be confident and support us. Dedicated service stores like Apple Repair Club are phasing out in lack of trust or confidence. Bring-in or send your Mac or iPhone or iPad for service. We will prove that your support won't go in vain.