Are you experiencing some issues and need our help resolving them on time? You can write to us at any time. We will review your concerns and designate a tech to support you as soon as possible. If you are in an urgent situation, please do not hesitate to call us.

If you represent a company, you can surely upload support proposal should you have one ready. Otherwise, you can simply explain how you would like us to support your company.
If you are an individual and need our support, you do not need to submit any support proposal document. You can simply explain your issues and submit the form.
Yes, we are. We are able to provide you remote support should that be your support concern. We will invoice you pro-rated session based remote support fees.
Well, you are requesting support based on your issue(s). Once you submit the form, we review it and estimate. Once you approve, we begin supporting you immediately.
Yes, we do. If you need our telephone support, we have a pro-rated telephone support that will cost you $99 an hour. We invoice you per hour session based pro-rated fees.
We are more than happy to provide you support service on weekends. Submit the form mentioning your requirements and we will be trying our best to meet up with your schedule.

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We are open 24/7/365 for support. Do not hesitate to call us or write to us at any of your convenient time.
Among various services we provide, Logic Board swap is one of the essential services we provide everyday. Whether you have the board you want us to swap or you want us to swap it since you are sure about the board failure, come along. We do that for you.
We are not only a physical service provider. We also work on websites and provide solutions to the complex issues. We do backup your site should you choose us to do so.
If you are an individual or a small business owner, you are not locked into any contracts. There is no contract for you. Contracts are required to Enterprise or Corporate clients only.
iPhone screen replacement cost varies by iPhone model. Also the price becomes dynamic week by week. Sometimes, even it changes each day. If markets are stable, the price may fall somewhere between $79 to $195 (ranging iPhone 4S to iPhone 6 Plus). If the supply chain gets interrupted, the cost even doubles. We are transparent to this. Try to schedule appointment and the system will show you the current price.
We are proud to state that we are one of the most reliable and competitive data recovery partners across the nation. Provide us a drive and get some relief knowing that we are there to help.
We are one of the fastest service providers in New York City. If you are traveling and you need your device get fixed immediately, alright, you do not have to wait for a long time.
We are able to solve many of the water damaged or liquid spilled devices. We have a tremendous success rate of salvaging water damaged devices, especially iPhones, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.
Why not? We can replace the iMac screen should you choose us to do so. We do not tamper with any data or display assembly. And of course, we are very very competitive in term of price.
Sometimes you just walk-in and we are still attending other visitors. This is the reason we prefer online appointment. But, we do not strictly ask to schedule appointment.

If you are in a rush and want to drop-off your device and pickup when ready, that is fine with us. Do it please. Any day. Or any time during our regular office hours. You can give us a call at 800.521.6181 and check with us if you can simply walk-in at your own convenient time.

If an iPad has screen cracked, we are able to replace such in less than 3 hours. If it’s an iPad mini or iPad Air, We need to see the current day’s schedule. Most of the iPads are fixed and ready for pick up the same day. In case of delayed check-ins, we gladly offer the following day 2PM – 6PM pickup time.
You may call us at our toll free numbers as: 800.521.6181 or 212-697-3241 or 212-697-3251 at any time. You can also visit us walking-in at 501 Fifth Ave, Set 607, New York, USA.
We are one of the fastest service store in the globe. If you need your iPhone 5 screen replacement, expect it to be done in less than 10 minutes. Now you can simply imagine how fast and accurately we provide you shortest turnaround time possible.
Yes, we do accept AMEX. We accept any standard payment methods: Cash, Card, PayPal or any Credit Card that has Master, Visa or Discover logo on it.
Surely you CAN. In this case, you can simply write us an email showing your interest that you would like to pay us from the comfort of your home or office or before your arrival to the store. We will then invoice you via email. Pay the way you like.
Unlock service with us is a service On Demand. When you demand this kind of service, we communicate with the server if the particular device unlock is available. Once positive, we invoice you providing turnaround time. You do not have to drop-off device for this kind of services.
We are best in class in term of safe Malware Removal from your iPhone, iPad, Mac Computers or any other computing devices.
We are expert in Data Recovery, Backup and Migration like services. We also help setup Time Machine Backup, Restore & Migration when requested.

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APPLE REPAIR CLUB, INC. is supported, managed and operated by Apple Certified Technicians. We have a tech that has over a decade experience in Macintosh Computer, Apple Technology, iDevices and anything Apple reinvents.

Computers Fixed
+ Computers Fixed

Our techs have tremendous experience and workmanship of over 4,000 Apple computers including some Windows based personal computers. This is a staggering amount of experience you can also benefit from. This is our privilege to welcome you.

Remote Desktop
+ Remote Desktop Attended

Solving computing issues remotely is not a fairy tail anymore. Over a decade of approach, intuitive ways, secure methods and amazing troubleshooting skills, our techs are ready to fix your computer wherever you are. Let us help you when in need.

iPhone iPad Fixed
+ iDevices Fixed

Since the introduction of the first iPhone and iPad, one of our service tech is seamlessly fixing them and has proven milestone of repair service in iDevice lineup. You can get benefit on such an exceptional experience of a tech as well.

How Can We Help You?

These Are Just A Few Areas We Can Help You Remotely

  • Resolving iPhone Apps Not Responding
  • Resetting Your Password
  • Retrieving Your Device In Service
  • Setting-up Personal/Workspace Email
  • Remotely Scanning & Wiping-out Malware
  • Setting-up Parental Control
  • Creating Hackers’ Proof Firewall
  • Setting-up WordPress Hosted Site
  • Making Necessary Changes To Mac Computer
  • Setting-up Virtual Machine & Run Windows
  • Encrypting Drive & Decrypting
  • Secure Erasing Drive Data
  • Setting-up iCloud Account
  • Safely Removing Device From The iCloud
  • Creating & Setting-up Managed Account
  • Help Prevent Unwanted Contents
  • Block Adult Contents Across Devices
  • Secure Router & Home Networking