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MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro Retina are two different Mac models with fundamentally different form factor and internal architecture. One is more customizable than the other. Still both fail and require service attention.

MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro Retina related service and cost dramatically vary. Services range from battery replacement to display change. We are able to upgrade, fix logic board issue and recover drive in case data got lost. Are you having trouble with your MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro Retina? Visit us today. We alway offer free and conditional diagnostic. You won’t be charged if it can’t be fixed. This is how we put you first.

Top Issues

The disk based drive are phasing our slowly and are being replaced by solid state and flash drives. Hard drives are known to high failure rates than the solid state drives. If your drive fails, we recommend to go for solid state drive. The speed, stability and performance on these new drives are tempting.
Memories are not quite known to frequent failure rate. Still they fail. Most of the Macs are able to notify the users that its memory failed. We recommend to upgrade memory to larger configuration supported so that it stands as helping hand for a stable performance.
Most of the Macs build pre-2012 are known to their battery issues. Once the battery fails, system is aware of it so is the user. We simply swap the battery with a new supported one. We do not encourage users to swap battery at home unless the user is well aware of static damages.
Macs are also known to display related issues at all times. Whether it is a PowerBook pre-Intel Mac or the Mac with the latest Intel inside, Apple always dealt with multiple display vendors such as Samsung or Sharp or LG. They make displays for Apple and are known to defects. This is kind of common as well. When display fails in a computer, the most cost effective service is to replace it with a new one.
Mac are also found suffering from power related issues but the causing factors are mostly found as user’s faults. Either the power button are heavily pressed or it comes in contact of any sort of liquid spill. Known to the fault if power button encounters with spill – any kind of spill. There are several form factor and locations of the power button and function in Mac computer. iMac power button is totally different in its physical form-factor than of a MacBook Pro. Even the portable Mac computer power buttons are in different location as the models differ. In a common scenario, power button are now integrated to the keyboard in most of the portable Mac computers. This suggest the entire keyboard replacement if just the power button is found non-functional.
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Does your MacBook Pro boot up too slow? Does it make noise? Or your MacBook Pro doesn’t turn on at all? Do you need an upgrade option? Or you are seeking some help to resolve issues persisting to your MacBook Pro? We are here to help you the best way possible. Schedule appointment online or just walk-in today.

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recovers water damaged computer

Water Damaged MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro is a highly efficient portable Mac still it can’t sustain water contact. Water since acts as a conductor, it is potentially able to destroy drive resulting to a total data loss. It can also cause logic board damage. Whether your MacBook Pro got keyboard damage or the drive failed, we are able to fix all issues on time.

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parental control

Parental Control

We always recommend you do not leave your children unattended or unmonitored while they are using MacBook Pro to serve the website pages. Contents are not that good and the bad ones attack fast. Setup a comprehensive parental control tool over your MacBook Pro so that your kids are always safe and productive.

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