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Do you backup and restore WordPress site?2016-10-17T16:58:05-04:00

We make a genuine copy of your WordPress site few times a day so that any of your ongoing updates are captured and saved. This facilitates to restore WordPress site when in need. We also achieve a WordPress Time Backup copy of your site so that anything you suspect or believed went wrong at some point of time or you just suspected, we will provide you the exact version of the site you expected should be the right one. Restore WordPress site depends on backup. Once you have time active backup, restoring WordPress contents or entire sites is just a moment ahead. None of the forms, patterns, elements, contents, features, purchases, clientele or anything existing will get lost. Each version will have everything intact at that point of time. This will always insure our clients that they never lose anything important from their online presence. We restore when necessary or when the emergency emerges.

How can you protect me if my site got hacked?2016-10-17T16:58:05-04:00

Hundreds of thousands of sites are hacked fairly easy each week. WordPress alone has become the dependency platform for almost 80 million sites globally. Meaning that it is soon be hosting over a billion sites globally. Since such a large scale of global site and collective massive amount of web traffic relies on it, obvious that even the most profound ethical hackers are interested or say tempted to do something no one has done before. This makes sites hosted on WordPress more vulnerable. On such, your site got hacked kind of fairly easy. Now the question is how to get it back and running? And then, the followed up question is how to keep it future hack-proof? We’re able to do both. First, we can quarantine your hacked site and eliminate malware or trojans if they were used to hack the site. Second we establish our method of safety so that it won’t get hacked again.

Do you provide WordPress site security?2016-10-17T16:58:05-04:00

Yes, we do. We are fond of playing around and with WordPress by implementing, hacking and protecting WordPress site security so that none of the hackers is able to set you down. One of the most significant and also the most challenging part of WordPress is to keep it safe. Due to technology change and hackers’ multiple of tactics and enthusiasm, WordPress is being a hunted place. There are so many interests involved in breaching WordPress site security. At such, we are alert round the clock and mange WordPress site security in such a way that it is protected in layers and prevented from ethical and non-ethical, emerging and enthusiast hackers around the globe. We stay awake so that you can have a better sleep.

What do I need to know about WordPress hosting?2016-10-17T16:58:05-04:00

Since we support WordPress hosting, you do not have to scratch your head to know about it. We can fully manage it from our end and you just focus on your business growth. In our WordPress hosting plan, we offer compressive package that can be chosen during signup process. If you are a local resident of New York and are launching a business soon or just have been planning, we prefer you visit us in person. This way we will be able to help you stay well informed prior to taking steps on it.

WordPress hosting is a fun, productive, social yet very critical. There are plenty of risks involved and a well managed WordPress hosting is very much preferred with a team of dedicated people who insure that they are able to make it hack-proof.

Apart from WordPress hosting plan and package, we tend to engage with you providing ongoing services round the clock so that your business is always safe, up and running.

WordPress FAQs2015-10-08T18:10:55-04:00

Do you help hosting sites on WordPress?

Yes. We can help you host your site on WordPress from A to Z. Absolutely no worries.

iPad FAQs2016-10-17T16:58:05-04:00
Yes, we do. We are able to replace iPad screen and make it ready for pickup the same day you drop it off. Check-in time restriction may apply. Please give us a call.
We replace iPad battery. Give us a call to make sure that we have battery in stock so that we are able to provide you same day repair service.
Yes, we do. We service failing charging port. Or we just replace it if that is needed.
Visit us today. We replace your iPad display the same day you dropped it off.
Usually, it will take 3hrs. If you drop your iPad off at or before 1PM, you are able to pickup your iPad between 5-7PM Mon-Fri.
iPhone FAQs2016-10-17T16:58:05-04:00
Yes, we do. iPhone screen is fused with its display. Therefore if screen is cracked, are bound to replace a new assembly screen that comes as display already fused.
It may vary. If it is an iPhone 5, we are able to complete the job in less than 10 minutes. iPhone 4S screen replacement may take about 25 minutes.
Power button is linked to power assembly. We complete such related service in about an hour.
iPhone battery replacement job takes about 15 minutes in average. We do replace battery as in-store service.
We fix water damaged iPhone as flat rate repair service.
Mac FAQs2016-10-17T16:58:05-04:00
Yes, we do. Literally, we replace keyboard if any of the keys are found not working.
Yes, we do. We are able to replace any mechanically faulty or pulled off keys from your Mac keyboard.
Whether it is MacBook or MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, we are able to recover water damaged Mac.
We upgrade memory, processor, video, drive and pretty much everything upgradable on MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro or iMac.
If your Mac has cracked or malfunctioning display, we are here to replace and make it work. Whether it is of an iMac display or the display is about MacBook or MacBook Pro, we are able to replace them on time.