About Apple Repair Club

Welcome to Apple Repair Club! We are Apple only repair, service, recovery and support store located in the heart of Manhattan, New York.

Like you, we love Apple products very much. Therefore, we are exclusively Apple dedicated, Apple technology specialized and Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) operated Apple only service, support and macOS/iOS Data Recovery shop in New York, USA.

We service any Mac Apple has discontinued servicing and supporting. We have made many many people happy by recovering their critical data from a failing macOS and iOS systems hence do not risk your failing device taking somewhere else. We tie-up with world’s largest and most trusted brands in data recovery and forensics – approach us first for a consultation.

Who we are

We are Apple Certified Techs operated Mac repair and data recovery shop in New York. Although we only support and service Apple products, we are not affiliated with Apple, Inc. in anyway. We love Apple products hence we genuinely support and service professionally. Due to our irresistible love, care and support for Apple products, we are exclusively Apple dedicated, Apple Technology Specialized & Apple Certified Mac Technicians operated Mac Computer Service, Support and macOS/iOS Data Recovery Store in Midtown Manhattan, New York. We have a physical Apple only service and support store at 501 Fifth Ave, #607, New York, NY 10017. Walk-in today. No appointment necessary.

Visit us for any of your Apple specific computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Display, Apple Watch or iOS/macOS data recovery service needs. We can offer one of the fastest turnaround times for Apple computer specific issues. We also provide expedited service on iOS device issues such as cracked screen or battery replacement service.

We are Apple certified Mac technicians working in New York metro area round the clock. We take care of your Mac computer exceptionally well. Being located at 5th Avenue and 42nd corner street in Midtown, Manhattan, New York, we are situated just a couple of blocks away from Apple Store Grand Central, New York. Visit us for a free computer evaluation, diagnostics and extensive components isolation and estimate or come to us just to get a second opinion about your device service or recovery estimate with a fastest possible turnaround time.

Apple Repair Club was born to address simple to complex Apple computer and device related issues and data recovery service. Starting 2015, we became one of the most dedicated Apple computer repair and data recovery store in New York. As part of our commitments, as always, we do not support or service any other computing platforms such as Windows or Android. All we know is about Apple computers, iDevices, macOS, iOS, Thunderbolt Display, Time Capsule, Apple TV and none the less: Apple Watch.

What we do

There are many computer repair stores in New York City. The question is: why does someone want Apple Repair Club as their computer and data recovery service provider? It is because we are dedicated Apple computer and data recovery store in New York City and repair, service and support Apple computer and related issues only, nothing else. We do not fix Windows computer or Android powered computer. It means that we are very much focused in solving issues about Apple computers and iOS devices, nothing else. The same applies to our data recovery service. We do not recover data from Windows or Android computers or devices. It is such an approach that sets us apart from the crowd. And we consider such as our dedication. We love Apple devices and we know inside and out of them. Once you approach us in our local store located at the corner of 42nd Street and 5th Avenue, New York, you do not have to go anywhere else for Apple specific computer issues and data recovery. Your search for dedicated Apple repair and service store is over here.

As a data recovery store in New York, we specialize in iOS and MacOS extensive data recovery projects. Whether it is SSD, PCIe or NVMe powered drives or iOS NAND Flash drives, we recover data regardless of its complexity. Data recovery process in iPhone and iPad is complex and critical. But we have immense amount of data recovery success rate, far greater than general data recovery industry standard rates in New York and beyond. We are the prime point of contact and your primary store that will take care of your data recovery related demands is already in the heart of New York City. But please consider that we do not accept drives that are meant to play with Android or Windows computer systems. We are dedicated Apple device and computer data recovery service store hence we only accept the drives that can communicate with macOS or iOS.

Data recovery service is a complex process in itself. But we make it easier for you. Bring your defective computer or failing Apple device, drop it off, collect the ticket and come to pickup data when the recovery is complete. We will take care of the rest. Pay only when the data recovery is successful and you are able to verify such.

You may simply walk-in or begin service request online for computer issues or issues about your any Apple devices. You can also request quote for data recovery service online. Or just call us anytime Monday thru Friday 10am to 7pm New York Time. We specialize in computer troubleshooting service, data recovery service, malware assessment service and any service requirement about iPhone and iPad.

How we care

We offer free diagnostics and the same day evaluation/estimate update for your computer or data recovery service request by meeting up with over 90% service requests everyday. We have over a decade experienced, highly efficient and Apple certified techs who will troubleshoot your Apple computer, process service required and support any Apple products (iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac Pro, iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, iPod, Apple Display, Time Capsule, Apple Watch and other supported products) exceptionally well. We are located at 501 5th Ave, RM 607, New York, NY 10017 (Hells Kitchen, Midtown Manhattan, New York)

Bring in your Apple computer whether it is iMac or MacBook Pro or MacBook Air or Mac mini today. We will take care of your Mac computer better, smarter and more efficiently, professionally offering the most competitive computer repair estimates possible. If you suspect that your computer data is at risk or you have not backed it up, do not worry. Simply bring your computer in and let us know about such. We will secure your data first and then only begin servicing it. Other service store may hardly take care of your computer in such manner. On the other hand, if you think that your drive already failed and the data is at the highest risk potential, recovery is our priority. We will apply data recovery service first, and then only follow the repair project. Such action will guarantee data recovery and thus efficient and professional services. We care Mac computer and so we do care involved data if any.

Apple Repair Club ensures that your data is safe and confidential following GDPR compliance site-wide, system-wide. You may simply walk-in if you are running with some urgency or setup appointment online and privately. Your account, transactions and information provided is encrypted with 256bit SSL by AlphaSSL CA – SHA256 – G2 on the fly and cannot be intercepted. Your trust for reliable services, data security and privacy concern is our highest priority. Learn more about our GDPR compliance and privacy policy.

Being situated in the heart of New York, we feel more responsible and credible when we take care of various repair service and data recovery related projects. Our updated privacy policy makes sure that all the residents in the New York City and beyond are treated equally well and under the same metrics. Our data handling policy is clearer and easy to understand. You can also download our Service and Privacy structure which is visual and simplified to understand. If you live in the New York City and can walk-in, we welcome you to meet up with us and ask all the concerns you might have about us. You can also mail us your questions addressing: Apple Repair Club, Inc., 501 5th Ave RM 607, New York, NY 10017. Or simply give us a call: +1 (800) 521-6181 at your own convenience.

Similarly, we assure that your computer data is confidential and we do not access it without your permission. In some unique cases when and where we require to access the drive to tests the directory integrity and structures, we will achieve such using a service account on the same system. This way we honor your privacy and data concerns. Also in the cases like data recovery, should you not provide direct data interactions, we follow the best practices to re-image, clone or block-copy drive contents so that the data is not exposed and remains encrypted while the drive is encrypted. Whether it is data recovery or computer repair project, our priority remains the highest possible to insure that you are in safe hands.

Great that you are this far reading our computer and recovery related story, issues tackling and service options. Being a dedicated Apple only computer service and data recovery store we know inside and out of any Mac computer and iOS device thus far. This is the reason we can take care of your Mac computer better than anyone else out there. Whether you have a Mac issue or require data recovery service, walk-in or setup service online. Or just give us a call at your own convenience. Are you a New York visitor? Staying in New York for a while? Like to service your Apple computer? Require to fix your Mac before you leave New York? Or planning to visit New York so that you can service your Apple device prior to leaving New York? We can help while you are enjoying what New York has to offer.