If you want to replace iPhone 6 screen on your own, consider the following general ideas and warnings seriously. Remember – iPhone 6 screen replacement is a great challenge and involves pretty much of risks:

Since you have all the basic stuff and tools, you are now ready to open iPhone 6 screen and can be ready for the replacement at the comfort of your home. Still, if like to consider, do not do it on your own. Why?

  • First of all, your home is not static safe for iPhone 6 screen replacement service.
  • When you work on your iPhone 6 screen, you may simply damage other neighboring parts.
  • As any other part gets damaged, the cost would tremendously go high and no phone for a while.
  • Static discharge of your body can damage your iPhone instantly or overtime.
  • You may accidentally slip your grip while pulling out iPhone 6 screen and poke battery with prying tools or let it fall from your hold or fly apart.
  • Or you may risk your iPhone 6 screen, just replaced, result to a continuous boot loop that is considered as screen of death.
  • If you are vision challenged, you may destroy new iPhone 6 screen connector cable while placing on the connector port.
  • You may also have changes to destroy front camera or proximity sensor ribbon cable assembly or connector.
  • You still have chances that broken piece of connector cable on the logic board port and may fail to notice it and keep pressing the cable to sit. This causes permanent damage of either logic board connector port or digitizer cable hence making entire display worthless.

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement – Yet Critical

Replacement of screen on iPhone 6 may seem easier as described by a lot of youtubers or other fellows all across the web. However, these basic understandings are never found discussed or taken seriously. As a result, thousands of iPhone 6 users pay the price while trying screen replacement on their own.

If you do not want any of these mishaps happen on your end, the wiser though is to let the professionals handle it in-store. Do not let field-tech or house-call guys handle your devices at your home or office. This is not considered safe either because these guys also discard professional ethics of static safety.