Whether you’re a first time iPhone user or an iPhone owner for a while or the one that was always with an iPhone in possession, I’m sure you’ve been asked (or asked it to yourself): Where can I go to fix my iPhone cracked screen?

You shouldn’t go anywhere just yet.

Now before you get quite angry with me for the click-bait kind of title, let me explain this. I said you shouldn’t go anywhere because you are asking the wrong question. The real question is: Which repair store is better to get cracked screen of my iPhone fixed? Or which repair shop is better to go to fix my iPhone cracked screen? Makes better sense, doesn’t it?

Why to approach better repair shop to get iPhone crack screen fixed?

It is always a good idea to approach better repair stores because you don’t want a cheap iPhone screen replaced. When someone goes to a regular repair shop that offers quite cheaper than a reputed repair shop, something is not quite right. For example, you are visiting a professional repair shop to get your iPhone cracked screen fixed; such store may charge you $95 for your iPhone 5S cracked screen replacement job. What may the benefits be against cheaper repair shops? I can speculate that you will find:

  • A certified or highly experienced tech handling your iPhone.
  • Most essentially, ESD (Electro-static Discharge) maintained service-desk.
  • Professional welcome and some refreshments (filtered water at least).
  • Most importantly, you will have the benefit of a longer warranty.
  • None the less, fast turnaround time.

These benefits are not something you will get if you visited general repair shop instead. Some iPhone repair shops are poorly setup. A few of the repair shops even do not understand what electro-static discharge means to them.

If you are looking for an iPhone cracked screen replacement or service shop, you would not choose an electronic store that checks-in your phone and takes somewhere else to repair, right?

So where can I go to fix my iPhone cracked screen and find the better iPhone repair shop?

I’m going to give you a great news! You don’t need to know which one is a better iPhone cracked screen repair shop in a complex term. You don’t need to ask anyone to learn about a professional iPhone cracked screen replacement or service store. You don’t even need a lot of knowledge to search, find and also save money (mostly you will lose money searching and finding cheap repair shops that are often replacing cracked screen with a bullshit cheap knock-off screen) about fixing iPhone cracked screen. So, what would you do instead?

Check Online Presence.

Sure thing. Don’t ask again ‘where do I need to go to fix my iPhone’. You need to check if your chosen iPhone repair shop has strong presence online. If it doesn’t, you won’t like to go there. You can visit repair shop’s official site with a click of mouse and can tear-apart its offered services, pricing, location, operational hours, contact numbers, message board, site and content encryption, appointment system and so on.

Where can I go to fix my iPhone

Do I need to search on Google with the entire words ‘where can I go to fix my iPhone’ thing?

It does not matter how you search. Just searching with the word, iPhone repair may bring 100s of 1000s results. Apple Repair alone bring almost 90,000 sites. If you search with the entire sentence, still you will have similar search results. So do not hesitate to search anyway you feel like comfortable. Today’s search engines are smarter enough to search locally first and provide you the results with local market relevancy first and with the distance priority anyway. They are also able to give you a store or site’s birds-eye-view.

When you Google, the first page is mostly enough to get a professional iPhone repair shop. But don’t take my words for granted (some advertisers and phony marketers may deceive you at times. SEO guys know how to rank bullshit sites on keyword basis and bring those craps to the first page on Google temporarily – it’s all a money game). You’ll always want to cross-check repair store status and reputation by visiting their official home page. You may also like to examine if they offer you a direct contact numbers, message board and a local repair shop’s physical address (this is very important).

Is this quite important to pay this much attention while I just need to know where I can go to fix my iPhone cracked screen?

One of the excuses you may usually have is: I don’t have that much time to loiter around. I can assure you that it is not worthless loitering around. If you like your iPhone (some people may just love iPhone), and want it to be serviced the best way possible, you will spend a few minutes finding out whether you are not running after a repair shop that is not worthy spending your money on. What I mean is: your quick inspection and evaluation may save you time, money and also the health of your iPhone. This is the reason I emphasized on checking out if your chosen repair store has strong presence online.

If you sense that those store names just popped up on your search have a weaker online presence and lack a lot of basic information otherwise helpful, do not go to that store. Skip it even though it is quite nearer from your home or job place. Look for another ones. Inspect their online presence and evaluate using these ideas and your common sense. You can also call them. Write them or visit them if next-door (kidding).

Well established stores know how to honor client’s calls and messages. Do not hesitate to call them and ask why you should pay them more than what others offering. Or write them instead and see how quick they are in replying and keeping in touch with you. These are evaluative methods while finding out better iPhone repair shops in town.

Note: There is a good tip of: How to Find if a Website is Legitimate (this link will help you figure out legitimate online presence of a committed business or a company that respects client’s privacy or any official site tending to service its clients competitively).

Don’t overlook at the budget aspects

Apart from what professional, established or better iPhone repair shops ask for repair cost, it is also important that your iPhone is handled carefully during repair process. An experienced or certified technician knows much more about iPhone anatomy than an electronics shop sales person. Anyone can claim that he knows how to replace an iPhone cracked screen. The simplest example of an amateur iPhone repair person is that he may simply rip-off the proximity sensor while prying off the camera assembly of iPhone 5S. But the experienced or certified tech would not rip the essential component off the assembly. He would know what skills and precautions are involved while separating parts required for particular repair job. As a user, you may not instantly notice the usability or effect of a ripped-off proximity sensor, but eventually you would. Then, you would regret why you chose that store instead of spending a little more minutes finding out a better one. You may pay a little more to a professional service shop, and it is worth paying a few bucks more against the functional risks involved with the cheap repair job chosen.

I know I want to fix my iPhone. Now, How to make sure that the iPhone repair shop I chose is a better one?

Lol, Apple Repair Club is a company (Apple Repair Club, Inc.) and is right there for you. Just kidding! You can be from any part of the world reading this post and this service store I just mentioned would not be there where you expect it to be.

Now that you must find a better place to fix your iPhone screen, you should consider a few things that are present at the service shop.

What are they?

  • Store commitment to the service environment.
  • Technically ESD maintained service desks.
  • Welcoming environment.
  • Easy Contact Us tools such as phone numbers, message forms, email and existing physical location.
  • Clear mention of warranty terms and conditions.
  • Basic paper work.
  • Easy appointment system.
  • Secure online site. Most importantly company name present in the web-browser.
  • Responsive telephone attendant.
  • Certified technician.
  • Slightly higher price than its competition (it is expected).
  • Favorable amenities such as couch/chairs, guest Wi-Fi, clod/hot water, tea/coffee, etc.
  • Service-while-waiting facility.

Isn’t it up to you now?

Are you still asking: where can I go to fix my iPhone? Of course not. By now, you may be asking: Which one is a better iPhone screen repair shop near by me? Or something like that. And you are wiser enough to investigate stores before you let go with your hard earned money.

I am sure that you can find out the best of the best iPhone cracked screen replacement service stores near by you or at a distance that is desirable. If I have an iPhone and need its cracked screen replaced somewhere near by me or at around my travel distance, I would most certainly consider these all factors. It’s better be safe than sorry. And importantly, what matters most is the value that you gain back against what you pay for. Hunting for a cheap repair shop and getting iPhone cracked screen replaced may not give you good value. It will only exchange cheap material with plenty of money spent. I better keep this thing in mind while shopping around repair shops.