When would the iPhone Screen crisis end?

For over eight weeks, we have been in the iPhone screen crisis of touch screen digitizer/display; and it continues. The vendors that hoarded thousands of pieces have been asking for triple the price of the initial market trends.

Some of the critics point towards the China market strategy. Other speculate that the shortage of iPhone display is just a hoax and then manipulated shortage creation. Whatever is the reason, this is not good. Clients having urgency of service need are bound to pay higher repair costs because the demand of the parts are in an extreme height.

When would the iPhone Screen crisis end?

We believe that this situation would not last long. If it does, it will only be unfortunate.

We some convincing news that the main causing factor of iPhone screen crisis is the shortage of the raw materials needed to assemble iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S LCD screens that have by now caused an industry-wide supply shortage. Yet the question is: how did such shortage unexpectedly begin.

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