We provide you a FREE diagnostics

There are several service stores in town that do not even touch your device prior to charging you. We are not that kind of repair and service shop. We provide 100% Free diagnostics should that be necessary but we have a condition to meet up with.

What is that condition?

When we witnessed that some of the local parties use us to learn about the exact issue of the device and then deny approving repair jobs once they come to acknowledge what the issues are. This is not fair. So we developed a culture that provides seamless free diagnostics and repair solution to all of our valued clients. We charge $49 nonrefundable fee for a diagnostics completion of a Mac or Cinema Display or any computing device incase of that device either is not turning on or has multiple issues. Once we complete the diagnostics and provide the report with an estimate, you have rights to approve the repair or disapprove. If you approved the repair, we adjust $49 fee as credit back to your service approval estimate and complete the service as estimated. If you disapproved, the $49 diagnostics fee is nonrefundable. Make sense right?

This is just like checkmate. We had to develop this culture to prevent our techs and our leveraged time and efforts during the diagnostics process to pinpoint the issues others thought impossible to trace-out. We specialize here and this is what sets us apart from our counterparts in Macintosh Service World.

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Purushotam Pokharel, the owner of APPLE REPAIR CLUB, is a passionate and Linux professional. He is active in public awareness concerning computing technology, threats, complex OS issues and flaws that may sometimes turmoil our everyday lives. He is active in solving WordPress backend issues and offers Managed WordPress support 24/7/365 for those who lack 'how to'. Approach him at NailWP for support. He researches Mac issues and publishes at MacIssue.
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