Have you most recently been to Apple store and heard that your old Mac is not supported anymore. That’s right. Many folks have heard from Apple genius bar that their 2011 and older Macs are not supported anymore. This is sad.

It makes everyone sad. Because there is a lot of money involved in purchasing a new Mac. And if you become little more enthusiastic about custom configuration to get a better Mac, the cost will be staggering. Upgrade old Mac and get the best out of your old Mac today.

Upgrade old Mac to get the best out of it

Contrarily, you can save a lot just by upgrading your old Mac. All you will need is to approach a reputable and dedicated service shop and see what they offer to upgrade your Mac. Most likely that you can have your Mac double its memory and enjoy a SSD inside. What it means? SSD is a faster performer in drive category that does not have a moving part inside. It reads and writes tremendously faster than standard drives. SSD also consumes less energy while offering quite higher performances.

What makes SSD quite favorable in term of upgrading your old Mac is that its genuinely reads/writes at the speed of up to 550MB/s versus 50-120MB/s on HDD. Such tremendous speed of processing data read/write enhances your Mac to operate any application efficiently and in a snap. Most of the time, SSD will outsmart the performance of HDD offering you faster than 30% in any kind of data file opening speed.

It’s all about speed when we talk about computer. And your old computer will have a kind of new like performance boost when compensated by memory upgrade as well. If you Mac has an existing 4GB memory in its slots, it can be doubled in most of the unit models. Having faster SSD and more memory means to give quite much of power to your old Mac in achieving performance. And at Apple Repair Club, Inc. we tweak the existing data structure, screen malware from the system, tweak the operating system for the faster performance and then upgrade SSD and Memory to give it an ultimate performance that was quite impossible a while ago.