APPLE REPAIR CLUB, Inc. 90 Days (Ninety Days) Standard Warranty – Can Be Extended To 365 Days (1-Year) Warranty At The Cost Of $229.99 In-store Pay.

APPLE REPAIR CLUB, Inc. offers 90 days peace of mind warranty on any part or labor regardless of repair service provided site-wide/storewide.

Unfortunately, this in-store or site-wide standard warranty that covers Apple Repair Club, Inc. serviced Apple devices doesn’t cover accidental damage (this is true of consumer electronics generally), which means that a cracked screen is not something that can be fixed for free.

But that does not mean you should automatically go to the cheapest repair shops for getting services unless you are guaranteed such as we do. We have quality parts that we can trust and this is the reason we are so sure about our replaced or repaired parts that should not malfunction for a year period up on normal use.


APPLE REPAIR CLUB, Inc. of New York, NY warrants the Apple-branded iPhone, iPad, iPod or any Apple device(s) hardware product or part contained in the original Apple Product replaced or repaired part against defects in materials and workmanships when used normally for a period of Ninety Days (90 days) from the date of repair or replacement service performed by APPLE REPAIR CLUB, Inc or its authorized partners such as IPAD REPAIR CLUB, THEYFIX SERVICES AND ONLY IDEVICES.

The warranty certificate will be signed and issued along with the repair completion and check-out receipt or can be obtained upon request for such.

What is not covered?

One crucial term of the service warranty is that if the device is opened by anyone other than a APPLE REPAIR CLUB, Inc. authorized tech or its authorized partners, the entire warranty is automatically voided. The warranty is also voided if the serviced or repaired part or replaced part is cracked, cut or destroyed hence is described as accidental or voluntary damage.

Virtually all of the cheap repair shops are not APPLE REPAIR CLUB, Inc. authorized service providers, so saving money with them can mean that you lose your entire warranty with us. Should you have your device repaired for any reason, please write to APPLE REPAIR CLUB, Inc. or contact APPLE REPAIR CLUB, Inc. about repairability situation or repair authorization prior to letting any third party repair person or shops or service centers handle your device. If APPLE REPAIR CLUB, Inc. can authorize the designated or required service to your chosen service provider, you may still keep Apple Repair Club, Inc. warranty until its expiration date.

What should be your primary concern?

If you need a repair, the first thing you should do is check to see whether your Apple device still has AppleCare or AppleCare+. If it does have, get support directly from Apple, and set an appointment as soon as possible. This will save you money and also keep the device under manufacturer’s warranty.

Check whether you have device insurance with any other party:

If you purchased Apple device insurance through any other company on your own, you should check with your insurance company to understand its policies for coverage. Most insurance companies may cover accidental damage depending on the plan features or add-on feature with certain deductible. Depending on your policy, you may have to pay a deductible and/or a repair fee, but that may cost lesses than going for other repair service providers such as Apple Repair Club, Inc. Again another smart way to save money and keep the device covered.

If you do not have Apple device insurance, though, and willing to get one, make sure to get all the facts and fees before committing to using your insurance, as many people complain about bad experiences when claiming insurance.

If your Apple device is Out of Warranty:

If you do not have warranty or insurance coverage, you will have more options to go for. In this case, choosing a low-cost repair shop may be a good idea since it will save you money. If you don’t have a warranty or AppleCare or AppleCare+, you have less to lose by using one of these shops. And there is hardly any shop around that covers your device repair service with one year standard warranty. Apple Repair Club, Inc. does cover your device for a year period from the point it is repaired and certificate awarded.

Basic yet critical terms to understand and acknowledge (read):

Still if an accident happens and the repaired or replaced part gets damaged with a broken or shattered or bruised mark or sign of accidental damages or the part gets detached due to an accidental impact, the warranty is considered voided with APPLE REPAIR CLUB, Inc. Understanding of such is very important.

Note: we have made the warranty statement simpler to understand. If you still have a concern, please email us to learn more about it or call 1.800.521.6181, 212.697.3241, 212.697.3251.

– Revised Sept 11, 2019