iPhone 5S Services

iPhone 5S came to exist a a refined version of iPhone 5S with three solid metal colors. Still a minor kind of accident is greater enough to cause screen damage. This is quite unfortunate.

We are able to replace broken screen of iPhone 5S in less than 25 minutes. We cover 100% of iPhone 5S repair related services. Whether the charging port is failing or the battery, we are the fastest service providers in town.

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Top Issues

We are able to replace your iPhone 5S screen in a few minutes literally.
Does the battery run out fast? Seems like it is reading inaccurately? We’re able to replace battery from your iPhone 5S in less than 20 minutes.
Your iPhone 5S doesn’t charge well? Or the charging port doesn’t respond at all? Do you have to keep waggling to make it work most of the times? We are able to fix such issues pretty fast – less than an hour, literally.
Regardless of issues of your iPhone 5S, we are able to fix them in minutes. Schedule appointment today. Or just give us a call today or walk-in if you please.
Instead of scheduling service appointment or calling us if you like to walk-in and talk to us in-person, you are always welcome! Please visit our 5th Ave Store during any of our working days and times.
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Is your iPhone 5S acting up? Charging port not responding? Battery drains fast? Or are you having any other issues while using iPhone 5S? Not to worry! We are certified technicians that are able fix any existing iPhone issues in matter of moments. Schedule service appointment now. 

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iPhone Water Damaged Salvage

iPhone 5S Water Submerged

We understand the value of your iPhone 5S. It’s quite tragic to see your precious device just submerged in water. All those pictures and moments of life sinking underneath. But not to worry too much. We’re able to fix most of the water submerged devices. Visit us today.

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iPhone Parental Control Services

Parental Control Setup

We understand how important it is to keep kids safe from unwanted and age-inappropriate contents floating freely on the web. One simple click or a mistake is not only embarrassing but also can play a vital role in disrupting the mental and psychological development of your child.

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