iPhone 5C Services

Have issues with your iPhone 5C? Despite the beautiful form factor and strong casing of iPhone 5C, defects due to incidents are quite frequent.

The majority of iPhone 5C users find cracked screen as the main issue all of us have to deal with. Though Apple did its best offering guerrilla glass on iPhone 5C, screens never stopped cracking. We fix multitudes of iPhone 5C issues.

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Top Issues

We are able to replace your iPhone 5C screen in a few minutes literally.
Does the battery run out fast? Seems like it is reading inaccurately? We’re able to replace battery from your iPhone 5C in less than 20 minutes.
Your iPhone 5C doesn’t charge well? Or the charging port doesn’t respond at all? Do you have to keep waggling to make it work most of the times? We are able to fix such issues pretty fast – less than an hour, literally.
Regardless of issues of your iPhone 5C, we are able to fix them in minutes. Schedule appointment today. Or just give us a call today or walk-in if you please.
Instead of scheduling service appointment or calling us if you like to walk-in and talk to us in-person, you are always welcome! Please visit our 5th Ave Store during any of our working days and times.
iPhone 5C repair service store

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We are able to offer services related to iPhone 5C as Screen replacement, Battery replacement, Charging Port, Power Button assembly, Home Button assembly, Front and Rear Cameras, Frame replacement, Loud-spear or Ear-speaker replacement and so on. Schedule service appointment today or give us a call now.

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iPhone Water Damaged Salvage

Water Spilled on iPhone 5C

Water does have killing properties once it flows over your precious iPhone 5C. Functioning as conductor, water creates a short-circuit impact on logic board and is able to impair your phone. This causes data loss and so forth. Do not hesitate to bring your water spilled iPhone 5C to us as soon as possible.

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iPhone Parental Control Services

Parental Control Setup

Children’s brain and psychological development is based on the contents they are offered to interact with. If unwanted contents are accidentally or ignorantly pass over and across children’s curiosity, it begins to play an advert role in their healthy growth. Consult how we can help you today.

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