Services for iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is a major break-through from iPhone 4S. World greeted this iPhone like never before. Still accidents happen and the screen cracks.

This is why we are here. Apple Repair Club is happy to take care of your broken screen by replacing with a brand new guerrilla glass so that you iPhone 5 will look like new again. We are able to fix almost any kind of iPhone 5 related issues. iPhone 5 few major issues are highlighted here.

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Top Issues

We are able to replace your iPhone 5 screen in a few minutes literally.
Does the battery run out fast? Seems like it is reading inaccurately? We’re able to replace battery from your iPhone 5 in less than 20 minutes.
Your iPhone 5 doesn’t charge well? Or the charging port doesn’t respond at all? Do you have to keep waggling to make it work most of the times? We are able to fix such issues pretty fast – less than an hour, literally.
Regardless of issues of your iPhone 5, we are able to fix them in minutes. Schedule appointment today. Or just give us a call today or walk-in if you please.
Instead of scheduling service appointment or calling us if you like to walk-in and talk to us in-person, you are always welcome! Please visit our 5th Ave Store during any of our working days and times.
iPhone 5 repair service store

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Whether it is a cracked screen or not responding charging port or fast running out battery or non-responding power button, we are Apple Repair Club and are able to service all of these and many more of iPhone 5 related issues in matter of minutes. Walk-in, schedule appointment of just give us a call today.

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iPhone Water Damaged Salvage

iPhone 5 Spill Damaged

‘Spill’ whether it is in the form of water or beer or wine or anything in the liquid form, it is still able to damage your  beloved iPhone 5 and potentially threatening to destroy almost any set of memory captured and store as data. Do not put spill damaged phone in rice. Visit us as soon as possible. Remember – rice is not a cure!

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iPhone Parental Control Services

Parental Control

Children are found freely surfing the web restriction free in their iPhones.  Many parents even do not consider knowing what parental control stands for. On such, accidental or recurring visits or encountering of adult contents or contents not age appropriate is obvious. Learn how to protect your children today.

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