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iPhone 4S is considered one of the strongest smartphones in the world. Again, it was not an accident poof iPhone. Accidents simply happen and cause damages.

We are always fond of servicing iPhone 4S and 4 like no one does. Unfortunately we are phasing out our service and support for iPhone 4. Regarding iPhone 4S, we still support and service it with full-fledged warranty accompanied just like we do to any other iPhones for services. Visit us whenever iPhone 4S begins to act up.

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Top Issues

We are able to replace your iPhone 4S screen in an hour. Need urgently? Give us a call if we are some rush-time-slots left.
Does the iPhone 4S battery run out fast? Seems like it is reading inaccurately? We’re able to replace battery from your iPhone 4S in less than 5 minutes.
Your iPhone 4S doesn’t charge well? Or the charging port doesn’t respond at all? Do you have to keep waggling to make it work most of the times? We are able to fix such issues pretty fast – less than an hour, literally.
Regardless of issues of your iPhone 4S, we are able to fix them in minutes. Schedule appointment today. Or just give us a call today or walk-in if you please.
Instead of scheduling service appointment or calling us if you like to walk-in and talk to us in-person, you are always welcome! Please visit our 5th Ave Store during any of our working days and times.
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If you consider to fix your iPhone 4S fast, please do give us a call first. If you do not have a rush, we are able to fix your iPhone in an hour whether it is screen replacement or charging port issue or home button issue or issues that is related to WiFi or Cellular signals. If you require battery replacement, Just walk-in. We finish it fast.

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iPhone Water Damaged Salvage

iPhone 4S Water Damaged

Did you just noticed that your iPhone 4S got submerged in water or any kind of liquid substances such as wine or beer or oil? Do not keep your iPhone 4S in a bag of rice. Keeping your phone in the bag of rice hopping that it will cure your device is senseless. Rice can’t dry spill spreading over the logic board. Visit us as soon as possible.

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iPhone Parental Control Services

Parental Control

Providing children iPhone 4S and letting them surf the websites freely is not wise. Children may encounter unwanted contents online. Adult related contents are quite disruptive in their behavior. Such prohibited contents visited without restrictions may cause mental and psychological impact on your children. Don’t let it occur.

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