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Fix iPhone FAQs

We fix iPhone regardless of make, model and issues persisting.

We’re a repair service store located at 501 Fifth Ave, Manhattan. Many iPhones owners prefer us because we’re able to fix iPhone issues regardless of its complexity.

Did you drop iPhone in water?

We come across many water damaged iPhones these days. Fixing iPhones that are submerged in water is a complex repair. We understand that how important Apple devices are. And iPhone is a very personal device. Staying without it in possession is even unthinkable. And such devices becomes impaired because it just got dropped in water.

Probably you tried several attempts to fix iPhone, salvage it and still with no luck. Actually, there’s no luck to blame for. Water damaged iPhone needs special attention. It requires systematic cleaning procedure and correct ways to salvation. If you accidentally dropped your iPhone in water, any kind of water, don’t turn back on at first place. Rush to us or ship out to us so that we take care of the rest.

Did your iPhone screen crack?

The fist repairable failure that is reported in an alarming rate throughout the iPhone hemisphere is – cracked touch screen. Once the touch screen, which is also known as digitizer, cracks or breaks into pieces, replacement of the screen is the only solution to fix iPhone. Do not take iPhone broken screen as a device failure. Some people even not get bothered using iPhones with broken screens. The majority of iPhone users actually like to replace broken screen as soon as possible. We replace broken iPhone screens fairly fast. It may take somewhere between 5 to 25 minutes if we serve a client who books appointment online.

Do you have any other iPhone issues?

If you think your iPhone needs special attention, schedule appointment accordingly. We’re able to address any of the iPhone related issues at our repair store located at 501 Fifth Ave, Midtown Manhattan.

Fix iPhone FAQs

Do you need to fix iPhone charging port?

Charging port of an iPhone may just act-up or stop working anymore. Once the charging port stops working, syncing iPhone with USB cable is not possible. Similarly, charing iPhone is a major issue because the charging port doesn’t allow such. If this is the situation, we need to fix iPhone dock connector by replacing the charging port. Once the service is completed, your iPhone will begin to behave normally. You can then sync it with your computer, back up or restore data when needed. Most importantly, you are able to charge your iPhone uninterrupted. iPhone charging port replacement service may take about 15 to 45 minutes. Isn’t this awesome? You don’t have to be without a phone for hours.

Do you need to fix iPhone power button?

When iPone power button stops working, it becomes quite an annoying issue. Most of us are used to keeping iPhones in sleep with just a button press – the power button. Once, the power button fails, you may need to take an extra milage to obtain the same result – by activating the assistive touch functionality. Even then, it’s not a one shot. The good news is that fixing an iPhone failed power button assembly is just an hour worth comfortable job. In an hour, we are able to fix iPhone power button issue with a replacement assembly. You don’t have to wait for days to fix this issue.

Are searching to fix iPhone battery issue?

Searching fixes about iPhone battery issue may result a total waste of time. It is an established notion that once the iPhone battery cycles get over, replacement of the battery is the only solution. And it will not cost much. It also doesn’t take much turnaround time. We are able to fix iPhone battery issue by providing you with a battery replacement service. The turnaround time will not be grater than 30 minutes. In some cases, for example iPhone 5S, battery repair replacement job will just take about 5 to 15 minutes.

If you have any other question related to fix iPhone:

Please call us at: 800.521.6181.