Many of us quite do not come across Mac Malware and Viruses. People still believe that Apple computers such as MacBook Pro, iMac, etc. do not suffer from malware. Some of the folks out there think that such belief is not quite true. But I know that it is absolutely false to say Apple computers are safer against malware intrusions. Apple computers are not safer they are just spared thus far.

Why don’t you hear much about Mac malware?

The main reason many of us are unknown about Mac malware is that Apple computers are growing just by 1% in the market share of global computing demands. What does that mean? It plainly explains that Macintosh devices are quite few in numbers to get a hacker attention. In other words, a professional hacker would not bother to write a malware to those computing that merely get returns. Appleinsider has a summary of Apple’s global market share as 7.1% (as posted in April 11, 2016) which is why hackers are not quite interested to steal information from such a computing device that only tends to fill up the world’s computing environment by 7% or so.

This also does not mean that there are not any Mac malware and viruses spreading globally. Of course there a few hundred active malware that are affective Mac computers; and many enthusiasts, security engineers, ethical hackers or some common black-hat practicers also do not hesitate to create and test malware. They have written amazing Mac malware and viruses. Some of them are quite interesting to penetrate Mac firewall and manipulate OS X (macOS) the way they intend. Some of the available malware are even threatening by screen sharing entire Mac session without any consent of its owner.

There are even scarer news and events that have proven that Mac malware are as strong and as disruptive as those that are dominant to any other platforms.

Is there a way to stay safe from getting Mac Malware or viruses?

The best way to keep malware away is to pay attention over your browsing behavior. Always keep any eye on any piece of application you are downloading while visiting web pages. Mostly the free music, movie or video hosted sites also come hosted malware.

Do not trust any webpages prompting to update flash or other application. And, do not provide administrative privileges to any application seeking admin name and password prior to begin installation. Do not trust torrents and thus free or pirated applications. Such may host tons of malware or trojans in them. Do not use your credit or debit cards on random shopping sites. Make sure that you are not being the victim of identity theft while still surfing the webs. Stay safe and share the ideas with your friends and families. If you doubt your Mac has been hacked or some malware and viruses are residual, do not ignore it. Seek an immediate remedy.