How come my site got hacked?

There are several reasons that a hacker may attempt to hack a site. A case study revels that business sites are most likely to get hacked. And when a site gets hacked, the result gets ugly and keeps getting worse to the worst.

Site got hacked

How do I make sure if my site got hacked?

No one is able to make a pretty bold claim on this question except the involved hacker who hacked the site. The answer depends on the expertise of a hacker and the results he intends to bring forth. If a hacker’s intention is only to brute-force or inject scripts into the core structure of a site, he will not cause fundamental damages. Instead he would be experimenting for a more complex purpose or future devastation – this is quite dangerous at times. Some hackers safely experiments unsafe sites and play with their new toys: Malware tools. In certain contexts, hackers may redundantly breach the firewalls and challenge the sites but still do not cause measurable harm.

Unless a hacker’s intentions are rebellion or disruptive, interceptions and brute-forces are closed and experimental rather than open and spotlight oriented. Some hackers cleverly keep stealing valued information as long as the injected scripts are not detected. Every hour thousands of sites get hacked globally. A study sows that over 30,000 WordPress sites get hacked everyday. Some are noticeable and some are still not in exposure. The types of attack may vary. Some get caught easily and some others are too complex to detect accurately and eliminate.

Active monitoring, inspection and study of ongoing log, identification of irregular nature of the site and traffic, or an ethical hacker’s practices and active preventive methods make sure that the site has not been hacked yet or is ready to combat the potential threats.

Brute forced attack

What can I do to stop further hacks or damages of my hacked site?

Most importantly, you would need a professional to take care of this subject matter. Once a site is hacked, there’s not much room left not to proceed for mitigation. Considering a data loss has been caused, restoration of a site is the fastest procedure possible. It is a good idea to wipe out the entire site and restore as quickly as possible so that business loss is prevented on time.

If an expert or professional is handling the site, a lot of time may require to identify and eliminate the threats. It also depends on how speedy pace the professional can take or is anxious to make. Some of the ethical hackers are quite lazy at times and when they are supporting you – this can be a deliberate tactic – do not get it trap of such experts or service providers. A faster pace pro can save you time and money and also is able to bring your site up and running in no time. If you are in the hands of a wrong team, you are so dead there! The process may get deliberately slow and complex and ugly enough to hate and blame yourself that you didn’t take enough precautions in managing your site on time or when you had time.

Are you able to help me if my site got hacked?

Yes, we are! We are always ready to help you and will help you the fastest pace possible. There’s no paper works to complete. There’s no discussions to be made. There’s no contracts to be signed. We do not require anything to get involved in the process of blocking the hack right-away. All of these things would be following at our lead. Once we make sure that we permanently blocked any possible threat or brute-force or further attempts of any hack, we then take initiative to look into the severity of the case and start investigating and mitigating one by one. What does it mean? It means to stop a hacker at the first place then begin to clean the mess.

Once you new that your site got hacked or you suspected such, the first attempt is to approach us and let us block every single path that was a possible traffic to a hack.

How much would you charge for investigating a hack or malware intrusion suspected in my site?

You may simply check the price options in our got hacked page. Consider that we only work for the sites on WordPress. We do not work for the sites hosted on any other platform.

We have continuous monitoring and backup service that you can subscribe at any time. If we are aware of potential threats particularly targeted to bring your site down and in a systematic way, we may also suggest you to create a parallel site that is a replication of your original site. We are able to do it for you. This attempt makes sure that you are always up and running.

Do you work on an individual site that got hacked other than a business site?

We do not discriminate between individual and a business sites. We serve all as business site services. The price doesn’t differ if it is an individual owned site or a site owned by a business entity. It’s a service of equal urgency and importance.