We service Apple only devices and data recovery from Apple products is our specialized field.

Fix Mac computer with us. We are dedicated Apple computer repair service and support local shop in Midtown Manhattan, New York. We are passionate Apple service technicians. We know inside-out of any Apple products. We are Apple Certified Mac Technicians who can work better and more efficiently than those who are not Apple Certified and do not follow Apple service ethics. We love Apple products. Hence we fix them with utmost technical knowhow, love and care. We can fix your Mac computer with the fastest turnaround time possible.

Whether it is a Mac computer that failed or an iPhone failed, we are here to help recover device or data professionally. We also recover data from Solid State Drive and Smart-device NAND Flash. Thumb drive and flash drive or the lost data in any USB featured device, we assure you that can recover sooner than anybody else in the planet.

Fix iPhone with us today. We always welcome walk-ins. You can also schedule appointment online wherever and whenever the need be. In case of any urgency to fix iPhone in moments of time, please give us a call at (917) 756-0042 to make sure that we are able to meet up with your expectations. If you are planing to visit promptly, you may just do so by walking-in.

Fix iPad with Apple Repair Club, Inc. Why should you come to us to fix your iPad?First of all, we are a dedicated repair and service shop for all types of Apple devices. We are located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan (501 Fifth Ave, Rm 607). It’s the place where we service iPad ranging from second generation to the latest iPad Pro.

You can walk-in our service shop anytime between 10AM – 7PM Mon – Fri. While you choose not to walk-in, you can still reserve your spot online. We are able to offer you the same day turnaround time for most of the iPad repair service needs. In addition to making a service appointment, if you choose to, you can also give us a call at (917) 756-0042 to make sure that we have the parts in stock and are able to fix your iPad the same day.