How do I know that my computer or smartphone is infected?

Do you suspect that your computer has Virus? Are you under some kind of feeling that your computer is infected with a malware? Are you under an impression that you computer is being hacked?

What are the risks involved with Malware invasion?

There are several instances in daily computing activities need special attention. Such as doing banking transaction, keeping confidential files in certain location, encrypting private data, shopping and paying online and so on. Most of the Mac or PC users may simply do many of these activities not quite paying attention. Why? Because computers are so ‘used-to’ devices in our day-to-day lives that we just have begun to take them quite easily. We are used-to them. So not much concern needed! This is the most interesting case in our computing behaviors where hackers are successful to brut force computing accounts quite easily. Why? Because we are so careless about our computing devices. As I mentioned – we’re ‘used-to’. Malware may not only impair computing devices, they are quite successful to larger financial losses worldwide.

How did a Malware come to my computer?

There are hundreds of thousands of sites that offer free stuff. Well not quite free but kind of seemingly free. Let’s talk about how users access free contents online and eventually pay the price. User A from Canada browses a site named ‘‘ which is supposedly hosted in Indonesia. He uses the site to watch free movies or any sort of movies — not much of our concern. The user enjoys the movie and so talks about it to User B and User B relates the same thing over to User C and so forth. Over time, the access to free contents becomes widely known. Hence the site begins to get quite a good web-traffic. At such, a hacker is interested to see if there is potential of stealing stuff he is interested in. The hacker then hacks the site and plants an script or injects a Malware to one of the most popular pages. That’s it. The hardest job is done quite skillfully. We don’t see, we don’t care.

Now, imagine what happens when any of the visitors visit the same site next time? Either the infected site attacks the browser and tries to install Malware or spoofs dramatically to fulfill the hacker’s interest. Mainly, such is intended to steal as much private information as possible. This is not a new thing. We just don’t care so are being victimized in thousands a day. If not you yet, someone else might be crying now, right this moment!

What are the main purposes of Malware kind of things?

Malware are designed either to disrupt the computing system or to steal valuable information. If the first verdict gets implied, you end up visiting a service store that will help you restore your device to a healthy state. If the second verdict is implied, you will be the victim of a hacker or an unimaginable world of hackers who only care cashing in your information. Imagine what happens if a hacker steals your credit card information and is able to cash-in — that also without your consent — that also you are quite unaware of until the statement comes in your mailbox? This is not going to be good then!

In some instances, Trojans, Keyloggers or any sort of Spyware like malware residing in your computer is devastating. Whether the computer is an Apple computer or a Windows PC, severity is equal. Threat is a threat despite its shape and size. Then there emerges an urgency to remove virus and malware residual. A needle is enough to kill a person if triggered accurately. Therefore expectance of a sword to be warned of may fail us giving no chance for a recovery. It is believed that a skillful hacker may try to get every single detail possible related to financial activities such as banking and account management or online purchases. If accurate information is stolen from a computer or a smartphone, misusing of acquired information in the international gray market will not be a problem.

Are Malware and Virus like stuff powerful than security firms’ applications?

This article is just an example of how private information can be stolen and a glimpse of possible Malware threat to any kind of computing device we use in our daily life — to receive and send emails, browse websites, shop, socialize, chit-chat, share and so on. We never know when we visited infected sites and invited Trojans. We can’t keep track of what are good and bad sites at all times. We don’t have time to check and verify the sites we are visiting are clean and malware free. There is no mandatory utility in our browsers that exactly know if we are at risk.

Still Malware seems evolving. The cold war between Malware and Anti-Malware is quite tough. No one can claim who wins and who loses. If a Malware gets trapped and recognized by any of the security firms’ implemented applications, the bad guys have an answer by patching up the bugs surprisingly fast and able to spread the Malware again infecting millions of computing devices in less than a day time. The game never gets over. Thus, we need to be proactive to react on. At least, if we doubt something not quite natural in our devices, better be safe than fall flat sorry.

What’s the remedy? Who can help?

The remedy is to let specialist inspect your Mac or Windows PC and see if it is infected. In some instances, Anti-virus applications may not find spyware. In other instances, hackers are able to provide administrative privileges to the Trojans planted. Thus removal of such Malware is not quite that easy in users’ level or general enthusiast level. You need to approach the specialist who can manually inspect scripts at root level and proceed to removal safely. In other instances, system wipe may require after safely sanitizing the data contents. To remove known Virus and Malware is easy. To remove unknown scripts that have admin privileges and permissions authenticities is as hard as chewing pebbles on noodles soup.

And on such stuff, there we are to help anyone seeking professional help. Yes, we can help remove Virus and Malware from your computer. And this is the reason that we do it, can do it at all times and do it 100% safely. We are Apple Repair Club, a club that cares.