We have done a thorough market research and figured out the costs to recover iPhone data. Many of the established data recovery shops recover iPhone data between $1000 to $1500. Some of the recovery shops are even charge staggering fees for up to $15000 depending on the severity of data and the owner’s interests in obtaining data.

How much do we charge to recover iPhone data?

In general, we have standardized flat rate recovery cost as $479 plus tax. This cost will be applicable most of the iPhone data loss cases. In some critical cases where inboard chips require donor board transplant, the cost may go as high as $2779 plus tax.

There are a few classes of data recovery on the basis of device severity. If an iPhone comes water damaged and we find a few component burnt, the standard cost $479 pretty much covers to recover data from such device. On the other hand, if an iPhone comes data manually deleted, we have a minimal fee $129 that will take care of the data transfer from recovered state. And a majority of our clients have favored it greatly.

At times, an iPhone may come in a boot loop. We may cover such issues with our Tier 2 cost as $1479. In some cases, we also find that iPhones come with malfunctioning chips. On such, we will complete further diagnostics and estimate accordingly. Sometimes, we need to follow micro chip work or chips replacement to recover iPhone data. And the cost may rise quite high but such job may help increase recovery possibility greatly.

What are the risk factors when we recover iPhone data?

There are few risk factors involved on each recovery job. Most importantly, we are here to help recover data. Our immense aptitude is to recover data as safely as possible. Still some incidents are unavoidable during recovery processes. At times, when we are performing micro chip transplant, the neighboring component may burn and malfunction. At times, the device fails completely and doesn’t respond at all. Some other times, a device may behave dramatically different and not likely to support recovery. Things of different dimension and nature may occur.