Professional screening of rooted Malware in your computer revels invisible key-loggers, spyware, trojans, root-kits, virus and any other invisible remote access, remote monitoring and hacking scripts installed in your computer without your knowledge.

Professional screening of Malware prevents future loss

There are many types of Malware that may range from sensitive information stealing spyware to severe key-loggers and system damaging viruses. Whether you are a Mac user or a novice PC user, the growing rate of Malware impact is difficult to speculate, prevent and eradicate in general practices.

Some of the Malware types are quite hyper sensitive and get downloaded and executed automatically; they may come in the form of a music, photo or a video format with included versions and as per launch and provided authenticity, begin to work of the background silently.

The purpose of Malware also range. Some are the residual enemy that sticks in your system too deep and may not harm you
until it finds what it is spying you for. If you are a government official, a simple spyware will be enough to keep watching all your moves including your geo-location, travel, car park and even your breakfast, launch and dinner times. It will closely monitor your regular and emergency meetings or your important documents you are playing around in your day to day life. Same thing applies for banking and finance personal computers. Celebrity and even a regular shopper is also not spared. Once a spyware or trojan resides in your system, it does its job quite smartly and you may never notice until it clears you up. Sometimes you are quite unaware of even after it completes its mission and terminates itself automatically leaving no trail behind.

I’m here to help you stay free from these risks. Let me help you find and eradicate your residual enemy. Make an appointment today, drop off your Mac or PC at our store and pick up in five hours. In case of you are checking in late, we make sure that we run the scanning overnight and make your device ready to pick up the earliest hour the following day.