APPLE REPAIR CLUB, INC. recovers data from water damaged device, failing Mac, broken drive, accidental deletion, formatted drive and other drive having hardware error. We offer free diagnostics and same day estimate if the issues are complex. No data recovery, no charge.

This is a standard data recovery cost. When the case is critical and we need to further analyze the criticality (such as component replacement, firmware correction fix, chip reflow, platter level recovery, board replacement, etc.) and data recovery post-possibility, we will re-estimate and reach out for approval. No approval, no charge. Our diagnostics and estimate is always free.

What does it cover?

Standard Data Recovery cost covers the following drive limits on standard data recovery:

  • Mac Notebook – up to 500GB HDD (NOT SSD)
  • Mac Desktop – up to 500GB (NOT SSD)

What’s the turnaround?

The turnaround time for standard data recovery may be between 5 to 10 business days. If you need a rush recovery, let us know prior to purchasing this service.

Are there any other costs?

Many of our clients like to provide us there own backup drive. If you do not have a backup drive to obtain recovered data, we provide such drive at an additional cost of $59.99. If you do have the backup drive, please make sure that the backup drive doesn’t contain any data at all. You must format prior to providing us. We do not accept backup drive having a user data on it. Once you provide us your own backup drive, we only charge $29.99 for a backup processing free in the end. That will be all. Providing your own backup drive, you will end up spending $499 + $29.99). Not providing your own backup drive, you will end up spending $499 + $59.99. Taxes are applicable.