Starting up a new website can be tedious. Millions of people who concern about content management, site security and ease of use, depend on a nicely setup site. Purchasing a domain from a reputed company, getting the domain hosted on an efficient server and then hosting site on WordPress securely, requires significant technical efficiency and a fast-pace workmanship that promises to deliver on time and as expected.

Risks in a new website. How to tackle?

Notwithstanding some of the security approaches of starting a website may cause significant time consumption and yet undesirable results again and again. Cheap claims and dramatic cost saving offers may eventually cost way more than a dedicated professional that may charge higher with pride.

Imagine if your site gets hacked the day after the site is in production or live and the developer is out of contact. If you rely on someone that only supports via email or an occasional one-way call, you are already in the wrong hands. You need to get out corrected here.

Millions of websites get hacked or locked out everyday. There are chances that you will need an immediate support in the middle of the night. On such, immediate support is vital. When the team that setup your website is nowhere to be found, you are in a terrible situation quite visible to speculate. It is a catastrophe. You would not risk such. You will always need a dedicated number that will be reachable and the member that will answer your concerns 24/7/365.

Website are insecure by nature.

Many of the small business owners do not care about the after hours incidents since the day one the site goes live. A site in itself remains vulnerable at all times. A new website by nature is in the eye of hundreds of attackers who are hunting across the globe for newbies. Simply put, a website is a bundle of thousands of codes and scripts and algorithms. The codes written today under a safe hood, can be guaranteed stays safe forever. A safe code can be an open way to multitudes of hacks as the scenario changes.  Safer themes, extensions and plugins may carry many bugs yet unnoticed. Scripts that are implemented in managing database today may manifest malware infestation tomorrow. Practices that are supposed as standardized today may get proved quite vulnerable and insecure tomorrow.

This is the reason most of the established developers keep a close eye on the developing hemisphere of web technology at all times. This is quite necessary. If you depend on the services that are completed today and wrapped up as a done deal, you are making a big mistake. You are risking your business or personal database or contents at a huge risk. Choose a service provider or developer or facilitator that promises to take care of your website from a to z. Let the professionals take initiatives from domain registration to building a website until it goes live and beyond. Ask for a commitment to provide competitive support for a year. A well setup site still may require a 365 days honeymoon period to foster!