...the steps that make sure every device we service is verified on its operational status, pick performance and optimum efficiency.

Find what we do when your Mac computer, iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device is serviced with Apple Repair Club.

Post diagnosis

After an approved service is complete, we make sure to run macOS or iOS  stress test.

Device update

Update is installed for your Mac, iPhone or iPad. All other Apple devices will be will follow the same.

Ports testing

We make sure all the ports and power connectors are working properly.

A lightning to USB cable

Power cycle

We cycle your device power line and check on its On and Off switching. It is important for smooth operation.

Security tweak

A firewall application, that runs on your Mac, will be configured.


iOS upgrade

If it is your iPhone or iPad that runs on iOS, we make sure to obtain concent for upgrading your iOS device.

Get more help

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