Are you still paying too much for iPhone screen replacement service? A lot of mushrooming repair shops may charge high. Some repair shops would charge ridiculously low. Some people are paying too much for iPhone screen replacement regardless of iPhone models. And some other people are paying far too less.

There are repair stores charging too much money for a simple iPhone screen replacement service or other iPhone repair related services. You need not pay double or triple times the actual part and the labor cost for any iPhone screen replacement service. This is what is our mandate.

Things have improved a lot. There was a time that many of us paid a lot of money for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S or 5C iPhone screen replacement service. We roughly paid over $180 at some times. It is not happening now. Nobody should pay over $79 for iPhone screen replacement service for iPhone 5, 5S or 5C now.

The other important factor is the time that it used to take to complete iPhone screen replacement job. With an experienced tech and refined hand, the screen replacement job may not take longer than 25 minutes to most of the repair service desks. Field tech service is random and unsafe. I do not like to talk it here.

When iPhone 5 is a repair concern, Apple Repair Club is able to complete the job of the iPhone screen replacement service in 5 minutes, literally. iPhone 5S and 5C or other iPhone screen replacement service may take 15 to 25 minutes to complete. You should not be waiting hours to get such services done.

Good time to pay less for iPhone Screen Replacement service

Unlike charging a fair repair cost, several iPhone screen replacement service stores and individual house call guys are tremendously ripping off unaware customers about the competitive service costs. Being said so quality replacement service is not something to ignore. Though there are no price standards, quality repair shops decide their price slightly higher and offer 90days to a year long warranty.

While shopping for iPhone screen replacement service, many customers call several different repair shops asking for a better deal. This is a chaos sometimes. In the hope of paying less, you can be easily be the victim of inferior repair service.

A repair shop decreases price of iPhone Screen Replacement Part from $129 to $49 just turn the customer in. Thereafter the unpleasant story begins. Nobody cares for the standardizing repair related ethical practice, quality and price relevancy. Cheap iPhone screen replacement part may cause you a greater paying price in near future. Competitive price and reliable repair shop may offer you better price with greater warranty service just like Apple Repair Club does.

Swarms of people seem running after Groupon deal or other saving opportunities. Not bad. Repair shops selling offers from market deal leaders equally losing millions on services because up to 60% of the sale value is accumulated by most of the deal sites. And another fortune is waisted over advertisers. This is killing honest and dedicated service practices. And in between a lot of gimmicks happen. A buyer need to be alert while choosing the right repair shop that has reputation as well as repair service value.