Thousands and thousands of iPhone users are witnessing iPhone boot loop. It is not a welcoming sign. Most critical yet that your data is at the highest risk possible.

What are the reasons of iPhone boot loop?

There are a few possible reasons that cause iPhone boot loop. Mainly, we have been reported by our customers that they attempted to update iOS and then the problem began. Some of our clients related that iPhone boot loop just started after the battery began to run out fast. A few of our clients mentioned that their device started to heat up high and then the boot loop began. Whatsoever the reason seems to be, boot loop is simply caused either by hardware failure or software or firmware corruption. In either of the cases, iPhone boot loop hits hard to the data trapped in the device.

Do you keep iPhone charging at boot loop?

Many of our clients, who visit us expecting to rescue their precious data, mention that they kept on charging their phone hoping that it would turn on normally. It is not a good idea. The more boot loop counts it makes, the greater changes to terminate recoverable data permanently. What we would like to suggest is to keep the iPhone turned off and visit a recovery shop as soon as possible.

Are you a DIY project enthusiast to try out?

Some DIY (do it yourself) project enthusiasts attempt to replace Digitizer/Display assembly, plug out and in cameras, plug out and in battery, replace battery or reset the entire internal hardware structure by taking apart their device piece by piece. This is not going to help at all. The issues is not coming from one component which is quite possible to isolate. It’s a major hardware failure (logic board) or critical iOS or firmware malfunction. When iTunes update cannot fix it, you may like to delay visiting recovery shop. If your data is not quite important, try restoring your iPhone to factory defaults. If restore fails as well, it’s not a normal scenario in anyway. The device is getting useless. You may like to visit Apple store nearby and see what are your options to move ahead.

Are you concerned about your device recovery, schedule appointment or ship your device visiting service setup page. You think that data is a primary concern, setup service appointment today.