Price changes take effect for services

Price changes effective – I’m glad to update that iPhone, iPad and Mac related service has new price updates effective immediately. Take benefit of the service price updates on all services store-wide.

Major Price Changes

iPhone 5 line up has new starting price $49. iPhone 6 line up has been updated as $69 starting price and iPhone 6S also gets price updates on all service sections. You can request the quote calling (800) 521-6181 or writing us from our Contact page.

You may schedule appointment right here and check updated services price updates from the Service selection drop-down. You will notice the changes immediately.

When you visit our appointment page, just select the category. Then, choose the service. Once you do that, the price will be displayed for you. If you find the price higher than other store, you may contact us to match up. We will try our level best to help you save.

Supply chain is responsible to the price changes

The service price was quite high for a while. The only reason was the lack of supply. Now that it is getting better, prices will certainly be more and more affordable.

Due to market changes and the supply chain regular flow, most of the iPhone related parts are meeting up with the ongoing demands. This is the reason the prices are becoming quite competitive. As the supply chains are able to meet or exceed the demands, we are also able to update our price changes accordingly. This is a better indication of an improved marketplace. We are happy to update that we are able to offer better price now.

If you have any concern, give us a call. Or contact us via our support page. You can also visit us Monday to Friday between 10AM to 7PM.

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