Whether you have an iPhone or iPad or any iOS device, the following will suggest the most reliable data backup and restore process to save time and data you care the most.

Let me start off saying this: it’s a bad idea to follow fancy on the fly device-to-device data transfer between two iOS devices (new and old) given that both of the iOS devices run at least iOS Version 12.4 or greater.

Apple has facilitated Quick Start to transfer data from your previous iOS device to your new iOS device. Though this is a welcoming sign that promises to make life little easier, it is absolutely in development stage and many times delays like hell, gets stuck at progress bar, doesn’t complete the transfer or just starts over resetting the new iOS device while hanging up old device that is amid providing data transfer and awaiting to complete.Data Restore

Do not fall for fancy Quick Start to adopt data transfer yet when there is a faster and reliable option available. You can use Quick Start to setup WiFi and iCloud account quickly but not the entire data especially when you have a large amount of data present in your previous iOS device.

The best solution for data transfer between two iOS devices is to backup the old device using iTunes and restore it over new iPhone via the same iTunes. There’s nothing better, faster and consistent data backup and restore process than stand-alone iTunes. It’s also easy to follow without having any stress over reading on-screen instructions and follow accordingly.

Things to keep in mind while getting ready to transfer data from old iOS device to the new:

  • Update iTunes app is available or if prompted while old iOS device is connected.
  • Check battery level in your iOS device that should be over 50% or half filled.
  • Connect your old iOS device and update via iTunes (it’s faster and reliable).
  • When update completes, Back It Up.
  • Backup may take time depending on how large data it has stored so have patience and let the backup complete.
  • Eject the old iOS device when the backup completes.
  • Setup your new iOS device as New skipping all the features suggested in the on-screen instructions.
  • Connect your new iOS device and update via iTunes (it’s faster and reliable) if it prompts so otherwise restore it from the earlier backup, the most current backup that displays your old iOS device name and the data below as Last Backed Up: Today 12:15PM.
  • Click on Continue and provide the password you had chosen if you had already setup backup encryption option. If not, it should be the password of your old iOS device.
  • Let iTunes complete the restore on its own. As it completes, simply provide iCloud password and you are already at your home screen in your new iOS device.
  • Now, it may require to refresh the restored Apps. So allow some time. WiFi access is better. If you have limited data plan, pause all the Apps being refreshed. How to pause? Simply tap on each App being refreshed.

There is no better, consistent, reliable and faster backup and restore process than iTunes backup/restore. Favor yourself and safe time, save your data.