Building business takes quite some time and is a result of a greater effort of an individual and a team. And sometimes it may take blood, toil, tears and sweat all at one place. To secure a built business is another phase of challenge.  Adversely, collapsing a business takes no time. Along with the failure of a business, all the efforts for years quickly end-up in vain. No returns!

A few of the many reasons of a small business-collapse can be listed as follows:

– Information Steal or Leak
– Collaborative Malware Attack
– Sponsored Virus Infection
– Organized Phishing Attempts or
– Managed System or Network Hack

Many of the entrepreneurs do not believe in digital invasion in an attempt to secure business. In some cases, an entrepreneur may never know that the causing factor of the business fall was a systematic Malware attack. This is quite natural to any small business that fails to adhere the emergence of filtered Internet integration to any coverable business activities from stage 1 to 100 if mapped in a graph.

Internet plays vital role in building credibility of businesses and helps grow and achieve its objectives smoothly. On the other hand, many competitors are able to hire hackers to steal information from their counter businesses. Some competitors are even able to sneak upon network loopholes or weak spots of intranet infrastructure and poorly setup networks. Then, they are able to redirect potential and legitimate business traffic without leaving a seeming trail. In some cases, internal employees are bribed to plant malware or viruses in any of the the networked computers and play role in impairing the entire business system by halting operations for hours or for days in some instances. Or they are able to fulfill their interest by just piping strategies and blueprints to their benefits. Does it make sense?

While building businesses on the foundation or support of the Internet, achievements are faster and quite potential but risks are higher. There is a greater challenge to secure business that just is building up. Many businesses feel comfortable by setting up security systems. Ironically such systems are merely monitored. If monitored not quite updated. Unmonitored security implications and not patched up security bugs are lame protecting businesses. Some security systems although are monitored, become already outdated in this fast pace of threat development. Once the hackers overcome limitations or develop piercing Malware, Viruses and Spywares with multitudes of capabilities, combating them in real time is the only option left to protect the vulnerabilities of businesses. On such, how can one be assured that a business that took so much to build up is safe and risk-free? This is a critical question – a question requiring a serious attention.

And, I have brought to you a comprehensive project to secure business – any businesses. I have an accommodating answer to address all those concerns that are quite urgent in protecting small businesses.

So, what are the fundamental services I can offer that guarantee  to secure business and provide peace of mind?

The following are the services that I can guarantee to implement (if applicable) and monitor 24/7/365 to protect your small business from Hackers, Web Threats, Malware, DoS, Viruses and Spywares and other numerous Fishing attempts:

– Secure business website at first place.
– Regularly backup the business site.
– Restore the small business and keep it up and running in no time.
– Secure business Intranet.
– Secure business Internet.
– Filter inbound and outbound connections.
– Filter and deliver only the contents a business is designated to.
– Secure every single computing device a business uses.
– Secure root modems and routers to prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attack.
– Secure Official Sites and ecommerce Sites from DoS attack.
– Prevent hackers from brut-forcing business Internet, Intranet or Sites.
– Prevent Internal computers from Scripts, Malware, Virus or Spyware implant.

These are the fundamental services and are essential security strategies each of the growing small businesses foresees. If not yet taken care of, must imply with ample priority the soonest possible.

And, I am here to help you setup maintaining aforementioned security measures by building a customized project and implement all those effectively to your infrastructures. Once the implementation of the services is over, I keep them monitored all day long 7 days a week 365 days a year seamlessly.

How much will be the cost of this service?

This is a yearly subscription service and is flexible to pay on weekly basis a $689 a week for 52 weeks. Each year, you have flexibility to renew the service for the following year or discontinue at no cost. You can rejoin the service at any time with no additional cost but with a commitment of a year subscription.

Write me a personal note if you are interested to secure your business at anytime. I am a senior service manager at Apple Repair Club, Inc. and am flexible to schedule an appointment to meet up with you at your spare-time. Or give me a call using (212) 697-3241, (212) 697-3241 or (800) 521-6181 at anytime.

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