You can use Parental Controls to specify which websites your children can and can not visit or watch. You can also block some websites based on the content they contain such as adult content.

Is such a solution helpful to prevent adult content?

This is not a permanent solution. Your children are laced with gadgets that are powerful enough to access the web from various interfaces. As for example, a child can simply bypass parental control using a Tor browser on a Mac or a PC. Or a smart kid may even breach the rules for fun or just to mute-challenge your browsing proxy sites that are able to fool the parental control brackets very easily.

What is Parental Control by the way? Does it prevent adult content?

Parental Control is a content screening firewall that filters websites for adult content (including pornography) in many languages. There is always a limitation to such service whether it is built-in or separate purchase necessary. Parental Control service is generally offered as a tool on various Operating Systems of personal computer or computing device or a smart gadget.

Can my child bypass Parental Control so is prevented from encountering adult content?

Depending on a nature of a child, bypassing Parental Control is not that difficult. Googling a little on the subject will return smart ways of bypassing such filters. Fooling a computer or bypassing device restriction is based on its capabilities. Most of the consumer computing devices have serious limitations of firewall implementation or content aware filtering processes. The other limitation is: application based supported language. Once such is claimed, anyone can encounter adult content in their personal devices.

Cleaver children know how to search resolutions based on issues. Technology has both sides: boon and curse. We should try to understand how we need to live with this and live getting benefits only. In my opinion, we have to keep our kids and family first. If they grow safer, they deliver better tomorrow.

Are Parental Control tools flawless to prevent adult content?

Not at all. Parental Control services do not offer a complete or comprehensive set of computing language support or prevention methods to filter adult content. As a result adult content or unwanted contents may not get prevented. Even though you have implemented Parental Control feature, unwanted contents may keep popping up or getting encountered in our everyday life. This leads to a serious embarrassment many times.

What is the risk involved if a home internet is set free and not filtered?

Once a kid happens to encounter adult content or similar contents on the web, his/her delicate psychology gets hit to some extent. This is quite advert to a growing brain.

A pre-teen is such a period if not protected adequately, can take any turn unexpected. Adult and excessive violence oriented contents penetrate growing minds harder than the drugs do and cause difficult to avoid addiction.

What is the solution to the prevention of adult content or the contents unwanted?

Since Parental Control is not a stand-alone solution neither it was ever meant to be that way, we need something that comprehensively protects children in a networked environment. Also, we need basic education regarding the usability and timed-access control to all the gadgets at home. Combined to such restriction, a home becomes a safer place to freely surf the net still being protected from getting encountered from any sort of adult content or unwanted contents. This is a peace of mind for parents.

This is why parents having growing children are always encouraged to implement stricter but natural looking preventions. All children and family members at homes are free to browse the internet the way they like and still the contents getting naturally delivered are strictly screened, blocked and remotely prevented from getting encountered in your network or computer or gadget connected.

Once you allow to set this up for you, there is no fooling around or spoofing or bypassing through proxy routes. Now that you are away from home and your smart kid lives alone at home, is safer and creative searching good contents over the net. Because bad contents are gone. And you will have a greater peace of mind that you always expected as a good parent.

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