iPhone Screen Replacement: this is not a good time for iPhone screen replacement service. Why? ‘Someone bought most of the major iPhone related glass and LCD manufacturers and suppliers in China’ – a sales person told me quite frankly. Is this true?

Well, sort of. Merging businesses or bringing small businesses in a larger business ecosystem is not a quite new concept. After all you have money and what you got to do you are able to do. Implies in some extent to supply chain interruption as well in China.

In the past, iPhone screen replacement parts and related supply chain was enormously huge hence the price mostly in a tendency to drop down. The recycle mechanism and the involved individuals and small businesses were quire efficient to support the recycle chain and also sustaining the manufacturer and production line so was with distribution.

Whether a guy incorporates all major supply businesses or manufacturing businesses merger takes place – doesn’t matter. What matters most is the price-hike and which is very true. Server shops are in a huge shortage of iPhone screens in demand. As demands are higher, supplies are deemed lower which in turn skyrockets the price per product in demand – general rule of economy.

iPhone screen replacement ranges between $89 & $179.

Now, seemingly prices per iPhone screen differ between $85 to $129. Some of the service shops are even charging $149 for iPhone 5, 5S or 5C. If you look at eBay and Amazon sellers, the price ranges per Digitizer Screen/LCD between $45 and $95.

We’re quite speculative that it should come down in about next 6 weeks. If situation doesn’t improve as speculated, we will be paying almost double the price for each iPhone screen replacement service we seek for. So pals, if your iPhone is okay so far, pay extra precautions not to let it s off your hands.