How Does It Work?

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Servicing or recovering Apple products (macOS/iOS) with Apple Repair Club is easier: setup service appointment, drop-off or mail-in your device and pickup when ready. We do not charge you upfront. Pay only when your device is ready for pickup.

How to begin device servicing?

Walk-in to Apple Repair Club when you need an urgent service such as Mac just failed or iPhone screen cracked or data is involved.

We are located at the corner of 42nd St having entrance on 5th Ave (Enter the Golden Door and ask for Room No. 607), Midtown Manhattan, New York, NY 10017, USA.

For regular services, begin service appointment and start service setup providing basic information as requested. Then drop-off your device at your convenience and allow us to evaluate (we prefer components isolation rather than plain diagnostics) your device. We will update you the estimate and request approval. Once approved, we begin to fix your device following the provided turnaround time. You may pay when your device is ready or services are complete. Still need more information, please give us a call at: +1 (800) 521-6181. We will help setup services in no time or answer your questions live.

Note: Are you planning to visit on Saturday? Please make an appointment that will reserve a place on Saturday as well. We do not operate on Saturday unless there is a request that has been approved. If you are planning to mail-in your Mac or using a messenger service, we suggest to purchase a shipping protection or shipping insurance. Return shipping service is on us for up to $39 for all approved repair services.

Mail-in Address:

Apple Repair Club
501 5TH AVE, #607
New York, NY 10017
United States of America

Note: Shipping protection or shipping insurance is highly recommended. Return shipping service is on us for up to $39 for all approved repair services.

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