Stay Up & Running…

Plan to hire a tech to take care of your business computers and networked computing devices on a weekly basis. This is one of the most important founding ideas and such a secret only a few businesses manage to implement. Most of the businesses do not hire a tech but a network admin. They simply forget to keep a hardware tech. This is anti-productive. There’s a vast difference. Acknowledge the secret and implement the right tool to patch up business vulnerabilities today.

This service is a must have tool to all businesses that implement computers and computing devices in their business network. Once signed up, the designated service tech will field visit to monitor deployed computers and perform substantial health check on a regular basis; will also make sure that networked devices are also in good shape, up and running smoothly. If issues are diagnosed, our service tech will promptly take care of them. If parts are needed to be replaced, we will be able to quote you instantly and fix the issue on the spot. Labor cost is covered under all of our service plans listed below.

Weekly Based Service Plan – New York City Covered

Individual Service Plan

  • Onetime Visit
  • Sunday Only Service
  • Diagnostics & Safe Update
  • Issues, Troubleshooting & Fixes
  • Upgrade Options Recommendation

Pricing Tables For Businesses


  • 1 hr./Week Project
  • Up To 5 Computers
  • Appointment
  • Tech’s Time


  • 4 hrs./Week Project
  • Up To 10 Computers
  • Appointment
  • Tech’s Time


  • 2 Visits/Week
  • Up to 15 Computers
  • No Appointment
  • Sat & Sun Visits

Pro Plus

  • Visits As Required
  • Up to 30 Computers
  • Remote Desktop
  • 5 Hours/Day Max

Pro Max

  • Up To 100 Computers
  • Unlimited Support
  • Remote Desktop
  • 24/7/365 Support

Be more productive Being Uninterrupted!

Synopsis of Service Plans

Individual Plan

Our individual plan has been designed to help any client requiring quick service fix regarding any issue persisting in his or her office or household computer. An individual can hire a tech to serve his computing needs. This service will only serve one computer or the issue related to one computer peripheral. If an individual client has more than one computer, say two computers, we require to purchase two hours services therefore the visiting tech would be fixing issues of two computers or connected two devices in one visit.

Fixed Business Plan

All our offered business plans are designed to meet up with specific needs of diverse business models. A business personnel can hire a tech to serve the computing needs. We designed FIXED business plan to meet up with such businesses that do not intend to subscribe tech services on a regular basis. Such business models may require only a few visits a month. Fixed plan is also flexible to pro-rated charges that allows a business owner to purchase as many hours of a tech time as needed.

Premium Plan

Our Premium plan has been designed to help any business that requires a hardware service tech to service deployed computers (up to 10 computers) on a weekly basis. This plan does not require a subscription or contract and is invoiced every week until we receive a written or electronic notice to further not provide such service. Service tech will plan his visit to the venue and monitor computers and connected devices maximum 4 hours a week. Hours can be doubled with a service invoice request if such is requested.

Professional Plan

This is the best and the most selling service plan. Businesses that have deployed up to 15 computers are covered under this plan on a weekly subscription basis for a year long contract. Businesses pay as direct deposit on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This is a unique service plan that the service tech will visit the business premisses on weekends or holidays to bypass service clutters. This service plan is restricted to two visits a week and a tech will not be looking into the computing network more than 8 hours a day.

Pro Plus Plan

Hectic businesses hire a tech to look after their computing environment that deploys up to 30 computers. There is no visit restriction on this plan. If a tech decides that the business needs more attention, he or she will manage to pay visits 5 days a week if necessary. This is to make sure that all the computers are up and running without any issues whatsoever. We are able to provide remote support to this plan if the need appears for such. This plan applies 5 hours per visit limitation to the tech, five days a week.

Pro Max Plan

This is an outrageous plan designed to serve those businesses that are quite volatile and are solely based on computing environment and performances. They can’t risk a computer being failed over hours of time. When such businesses hire a tech, they wanna be assured that all their computers are checked minutely and are able to stay up and running without a hick-up. We keep designating a tech 5 days a week and on any day set configured by the businesses. We cover up to 100 computers in this plan.

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