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Global Mail-in Repair Service

Global Mail-in

Global Mail-in service had never been such easy, seamless and fun. You ship it, we process in-depth diagnostics and provide estimate for free. You approve, so we fix and ship back. If we can’t fix, we won’t charge. Just pay the ship-back fee. If we can’t fix, you won’t be charged anything!

We’re serious at our work. We understand that you should be treated as a valued client. We put ourselves in our client’s place on every single job we are offered to accomplish. This is the reason we are able to do what we are doing and other can’t even try to. Ship your device with a confidence that it will reach to some good hands.

All your data and contents remain confidential. We guarantee that your data and confidential contents will always remain confidential in our vault. We value you and hence value your device and data associated. This confidentiality claim puts us ahead of our rivals – always.


FREE1 Business Day Estimate
  • Ship Your Device
  • We Complete Diagnostics
  • Send Report & ETA
  • If Approved, We Fix & Ship-back
  • We Ship-back For Free

Leading Mail-in Features

Complete Piece Of Mind With Mail-in Service

Global Mail-in

We service iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Computers and Devices under Global Mail-in service. Our service and accuracy are unmatched to those of our competitors across the nation. Ship your device today.

On Demand

If you have planned vacation or traveling around the world and you need the device get fixed at your own given time, we are there for you. Schedule the way you like and pickup the device the day you setup for.


We stand behind our service commitment with a 90 days warranty on any part replaced or serviced. We provide warranty on spill damaged devices which none of our competitors dares offering.


The moment you check-in for your device, we are abide by the confidentiality terms of services in-store or on-site. Your device is in perfect hands that are only motivated to service urgency. Nothing else.

Mail-in Service Nationwide

Every Client We Serve Enjoys The Fast Turnaround Time

As a service provider, we are proud to state that how effective our service and support mechanism are. People from any corner of the world are eligible to take benefit of this service when their Apple devices are acting up. Regardless of iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook line up or any other computing device, we are there to receive, fix and ship back.

In some situations, travelers just wait until they arrive New York. We are told when they are visiting and the device should get ready. We follow the exact way. We take care of your urgency and the needs the best way possible.

MacBook Repair 97%
Data Recovery 95%
Malware Removal 100%
Expert Support 95%
iPad Repair 90%
Firewall Protection 90%
iPhone Repair 99%