Resolve device trust issue when the display backlit is no more there?

iPhone connected device trust issue is a major problem. Without resolving such, recovering data, backing up device or restoring is not possible. Many of the folks out there suffering from this issue. Most of the cases are quite critical because of self servicing iPhone. Liquid damage iPhones are also in this category. You may further damage your iPhone while attempting DIY. Rr something else causes the damage but the cunning factor is that there is no display in your iPhone. Once the iPhone loses the display, there is no way you can connect to your Mac or PC to backup or restore your iPhone.

What do the repair shops do to fix trust issue?

Many repair shops you head door to door may send you back home. They may not accept the repair. So, what’s the solution? Pretty disappointing! But no more. At Apple Repair Club, the trust issue of an iPhone is curable. We are able to fix that issue and recover photo, video or any other applicable data from your iPhone.

How long will the trust issue fix take?

Since the trust issue is a complex fix and we have ongoing service requests, we may still be able to fix it in between 9 to 11 business days. The sooner we fix the earlier we will update you.

Make sure that it’s a trust issue before sending us the device

If you have your device which is recognized while connected to iTunes, we are able to fix the trust issue for you. In general, when you connect your iPhone to your computer, and launch iTunes, you will have a warning message popping up stating whether you want to trust the device and so to respond to the iPhone screen popup message accordingly. In the absence of the display backlit, trusting the device is not possible. And there is no software hack of such security measure. Hence, the only way is to fix such issue is to attempt in-device solution.

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