Many times we believe that Data Recovery is a costly service. This is also because of many service shops charging insane amount or estimate ridiculously high recovery cost.

Such is not the case with APPLE REPAIR CLUB, INC. We tend to minimize the recovery cost as much as possible. We know that media or other content is an integral part of our life: personally, professionally. Personally, we are in family clusters, ties and bonds that sustains with memories and lots of memories. Some of our personal documents and some other confidential stuff that are quite important to us. Professionally we are responsible to any loss of data related to documents or array of official files and sheets that we can’t afford to lose.

Data Recovery should be simple

Despite the urgency of the recovery process, many service providers tend to charge higher recovery cost. This is not the case with us. We value your time, data and the device linked to it. We do not see the severity of the data, we only see if it is recoverable. For us, a picnic picture and a confidential file that is trail in the court doesn’t make any difference. We value both and estimate on the same basis. Both of the cases are of private concern.

This sets us apart from all of our competitors.