Data involved cases seem critical while waiting too long.

When data involved cases in iPhone are tremendously costly, recovery requires an immediate approach. A greater number of iPhones have been reported as failed during update or upgrade process. Some users have reported us that they even didn’t know how their iPhone stopped booting up and kept hanging on at Apple logo – not passing gray/white screen.

If such is the issue and you have not yet backed up your data, your are in a high risk of losing your data. The wiser step here will be to approach a dedicated data recovery shop that knows this issue and can handle data safely.

What happens if you keep syncing with iTunes – since data involved, is it risky?

While syncing with iTunes and hoping that the device will get fixed on its own, many users have bitter experience of losing their data. Try not to sync with iTunes. Usually, iTunes will find your iPhone as requiring Update or Restore to address ongoing issue. This is a decision taken by a piece of software, iTunes, whereas the scenario can be totally different. Should your device is suffering a firmware corruption that is responsible to rendering such issue, the Software Update may not be able to fix the device. Once the Update fails, iTunes would possibly prompt to Restore. Should you choose Restore without giving much of a thought, your data will be permanently lost.

What happens if you wait too long deciding whether you need to approach a data recovery shop?

Waiting is critical! Do not wait for a long time hoping that your device will be cured on its own. Contrarily, it will get worse every time it tries to boot on its own or with user’s intervention. While booting up, your iPhone is not only starting up, but also checking if it has issues and can be resolved on the fly. In such process, device may get tremendously hot internally and main data memory section, Nand Flash (the tiny chip that stores data), may get damaged permanently. Should this occur, there will be no way of recovering data. Regardless of time, technology and expenses involved, the attempts will be in vain.

The best mantra is: rush to a recovery shop that takes care of such issues. Allow them to run diagnostics safely. Keep in mind that many repair shops will directly plugin your iPhone to a computer. Or connect to any available power source with curiosity and try to see what is going on. This is a foolish act. This is not recommended. This process damages iPhone further more. This is the reason we recommend visiting a dedicated data recovery shop. Such shop uses volt meter or component mapper to pinpoint the failing component by using non-obstructive lowest voltage possible. Which is safer for iPhone like complex device.

When a tech rushes to turn on your iPhone, that person is quite inexperienced and careless one who does not care your data. It’s a kind of gambling for such so-called recovery person. When they get lucky to recover, they make money; and when they fail, they further compensate to permanently destroy data.

Act wisely. Should you choose us, make an appointment today.