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Meet Our Fantastic Team of Service Actors


Service Manager. Loves his job no matter what. Born in Nepal, Migrated to the US and Completed Technology Training & Certifications in New York, Peter has over a decade experience in Macintosh Technology and Computing Environment. He loves to work seamlessly over web-contents, site management and data recovery. Working with him is fun.


Services device passionately – fun working. He loves driving like no one does. BBQ is his fav. Whenever you don’t see him working, he is BBQing somewhere at the corner of Brooklyn Beach or sleeping under the open sky of Bear Mountain. He is one of a kind you know! Bachelors in Business Administration, he prefers computing. Is studying cyber security.


Manages remote access 24/7/365 happily. He completed his Masters in Public Administration from India. Migrated to the US. And joined a team of Apple Techs back in 2005. Peter met Jone in one of the SISCO meet-ups. He works on remote access and administration, networking and computing security. His dream is to create a super computer.


Technology analysis associate – works flawlessly. She brings all the staff together whenever we have some crazy meet-ups. Cheerful in nature, she is a dreamer. She, just like Jone, also wants to make a super computer that would just work like her. Started a project already. It’s her secret project though. Jone may crash it someday.


Hippy by nature – quiet, calm and evolutionary. He is a thinker and creative at the same time. Keeps surprising all of us by some psycho robots using discarded logic boards and mobile motors. When we ask why he is not interested to further explore his ideas, his answer is full of fun and life: keep some stuff secret. We are yet to understand him.


Account/Finance. Loves eating at all times – doesn’t matter where. Rides his SUV ruthlessly and gets plenty of traffic violation tickets. Pays them off honestly on time. He enjoys time chit-chatting. We love movie-going with him because he never allows anyone to pay for Pepsi and Popcorn – even if insisted – no way! Serious at work. Serious in movie-going!

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