We started servicing Mac computers since 2005. And we were more than happy to start repairing MacBook Pro Retina since the first generation of MacBook Pro Retina introduced in 2012. 

Beginning 2015, as Apple introduced MacBook 12″, the first thinner Mac than the thinnest MacBook Air, we were excited to learn about the product and began to service immediately after. Whether a Mac Pro introduced in 2013, or the iMac Pro in 2017, we were just hand-in-hand in servicing Apple products professionally. Hence we know inside-and-out of any Mac computer redefined and such will continue.

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Whenever drive fails and data is critical because there is an absence of a backup system, we recover data from your failing Mac. We do not charge unless we recover data. There are no processing fees and no hidden charges.

Mac computers are awesome systems. Sometimes they fail right in front of your eyes. You may get quite disappointed that Apple no longer services older generation of Mac including MacBook Pro Retina prior to 2015.

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Not to worry because we are there to help diagnose issues for free and estimate cost effectively regardless of how old your Mac is. Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan New York, we are couple of blocks away from Apple Store — Grand Central. No need to hesitate approaching Apple Repair Club for a genuine second opinion. We do not charge for any consultation at all.

What are the common Mac issues?

The most common issues of MacBook Pro Retina are as follows:

  • Drive Failure 
  • Logic Board Failure 
  • Left I/O Failure 
  • Battery Failure
  • Trackpad Failure
  • Display Failure

MacBook Pro Retina Drive Failure

MacBook Pro Retina 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 uses PCIe based Blade SSD. Even-though these drives are known for reliability, sudden and abrupt shutdown, power surge, extended sleep time or modified sleep time, poor battery and sudden battery run-out are common factors that assist drive failure. Sometimes over heating issues during update or upgrade process that doesn’t complete as expected also cause drive failure rate alarmingly. Other common factor for drive failure in a MacBook Pro Retina is a critical system crash that pushes Mac in a never ending boot loop sequence.

MacBook Pro Retina Left I/O Failure

Left I/O, a separate part from the Logic Board, the part that connects directly to MagSafe 2 and accepts power for MacBook Pro Retina models, connects to the Logic Board internally, is a replaceable part and cost effective to repair. This fails mainly due to power surge or moisture, liquid or accidental impact.

MacBook Pro Retina Logic Board Failure

Logic Board on MacBook Pro Retina 2012 to 2015 are known for GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) failure. Apple has not yet acknowledged that these Mac lineups were built with inferior Discrete GPUs. One of the most common scenarios of Logic Board failure is known for over heating issues for various reasons. When fans fail or hardwares malfunction, the over heating issues may grow significantly. When heat dissipation vents do not allow significant amount of airflow, the GPU is obvious to fail first. Over heating also begins to emancipate witnessing that a user leaves Mac on her/his bed while it is actively processing or rendering heavy contents. Then heat dissipating process is not effective as it should as the bed fabric comes in the way of the vents which in turn may cause GPU failure. GPU is an integrated part in the Logic Board and its failure is the failure of the Logic Board. Whether CPU fails or the GPU, Logic Board replacement is evident.

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MacBook Pro Retina Battery Failure

MacBook Pro Retina 2012 to 2015 come with the same form factor of Battery with a slight difference in identifier that is a unilateral part of the Top Case that hard attaches Keyboard and Trackpad. Liquid, moisture and accidental cases are the most common scenarios that impact Battery failure. Battery also requires replacement once the charge cycle is over. One should not ignore warning related to servicing battery. Failure in taking steps as intended, one may experience battery explode, frame expansion or trackpad crack.

MacBook Pro Retina Display Failure

Display on a MacBook Pro Retina is widely acclaimed visual endpoint on a Mac computer. People love Apple Retina displays. These displays are manufactured by LG, Samsung or Toshiba companies. Displays on MacBook Pro Retina are pleasure to work on for an extended time. But they fail due to their fragile form factor and sensitivity to liquid or accidental impact. Replacement of display simply resolves display failure and the Mac will be up and running in no time.

MacBook Pro Retina Trackpad Failure

One of the best joys in working with MacBook Pro Retina is its phenomenal Trackpad. This is the key point that makes everything so easy and playable on a Mac computer. Since Trackpad takes a lot of load and have almost infinitive milage, they may fail mainly due to liquid impact. Replacement of Trackpad require entire Top Case replacement unless a DIY project intends to separate glued components hard way which is absolutely not recommended. Battery replacement on such Mac computer require ESD (Electro Static Discharge) precautions and ESD maintained service environment.

Can we fix MacBook Pro Retina issues cost effectively?

Yes, we can fix any of the MacBook Pro Retina issues cost effectively. MacBook Pro Retina Drive, Logic Board, I/O, Battery and Display related failures are addressable quickly and affordably. Any persisting issues due to common malfunctioning components are fixable with readily available Apple replacement parts.

What is better: fixing a failing Mac or buying a new Mac?

This is an important question. It is a good idea to go for servicing a failing MacBook Pro Retina than replacing it by buying a new Mac. Servicing old Mac may cost fraction against the hoofing price tag of a new Mac that refreshes every year. We need to ask ourselves wether our work ethics and demands increase and become more demanding computing-wise as Apple refreshes Mac in yearly basis. As long as our work efficiency are not quite demanding computing-wise, buying a new Mac is a total waste of money.

The majority of the Mac users have almost sustainable usabilities and tasks that can be accomplished with the old and existing Macs. On such, one might not need the extra power to accomplish the same type of jobs that are efficiently achievable using existing or old Mac computers. On such upgrading to a new Mac, by spending a fortune, does not  make any sense – to no-one.

When is the best time to buy a new Mac?

These are some sense making scenarios that you can consider to upgrading or buying a new Mac:

  • When a Mac encounters liquid impact.
  • When a Mac shows multiple issues due to accidental impact.
  • When a Mac computer is outdated and does not support desired application.
  • When the Operating System itself becomes abandoned or not supported.
  • When the work environment shifts to better technology with more demanding workloads.
  • When a Mac does not have enough room to upgrade Drive or Memory or Processors to meet up with the computing demands.

When a Mac encounters liquid impact – do not service

These are the most acclaimed situations that may insight to consider buying a new Mac computer. Liquid impact on a Mac is brutal on its own and is not wise to keep using such Mac computer for a long time even though it seems to be working after an impact. Most liquid spill is semi-conductor and will initiate corrosion over the exposed electronic components. There comes a time most of the liquid impacted Mac fails permanently. This becomes critical when data is involved.

When a Mac shows multiple issues due to accidental impact – do not service

Similarly, the time comes to buy a new Mac when an incident destroys a Mac to some extent. Servicing an accidentally damaged Mac is not free of risks. One component viewed as failed may not be the only one that got impacted. Some invisibly impacted components may fail soon. Servicing such Mac is not recommended. Reputable service shop will know upon inspection and advise the Mac users accordingly.

When a Mac computer is outdated and does not support desired application – do not service

Why should you prefer a MacBook health check?

Outdated Mac is not worthwhile keep using as the work efficiency degrade. A Mac computer has not much greater efficiency when it exceeds eight years of its existence. Servicing such Mac or upgrading such Mac is insignificant. Once a Mac is eight or more years older, buying a new Mac is a considerable thought.

When the Operating System itself becomes abandoned or not supported – do not service

Operating System on a Mac computer is evolving. Apple is trying hard to make macOS as appealing and productive as possible. Doing such is not only a boon but a curse as well for the old generations of Mac. The hardware that is considered to optimize performance and reliability in a new Operating System is hurtful to the older hardware systems. This is the reason, macOS is prevented in older Mac models. When such happens, it is obvious time to buy a new Mac.

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When the work environment shifts to better technology with more demanding workloads – better upgrade

One of the inspiring factors in buying a new Mac or upgrade an old Mac significantly is when the work environment shifts from existing to the state-of-the-art setups. Once the work environment becomes more demanding, equipment require refreshment as well. This does not mean to make an immense purchase of a new Mac computers. Upgrade may take the load at half the cost of a new purchase.

When a Mac does not have enough room to upgrade Drive or Memory or Processors to meet up with the computing demands – buy a new Mac

Eventually buying a new Mac is evident when there is absolutely no room for an upgrade or the hardware is no longer supported as the software applications evolve.