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The Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec’s mission is to achieve an optimal return on the deposits of its clients, or depositors, while contributing to Québec’s economic development.

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Service Log

Progress: Servicing … 100%
Checked-in Device/Service# Service Estimate Status
Sergio F. iPhone 5 Black (#95723) Display/Digitizer, Charging Port $198 Cancelled
Sergio F. iPhone 6 Black (#44273) Display/Digitizer, Battery $238 Servicing…
Sub Total: $436


Here’s what we found #95723:

Running hardware test we found that Service#95723 (iPhone 5 Black) showing Charging Port/Dock Connector malfunctioning that was hindering simultaneous power charge cycles to the main logic board. We found the battery connector pin partially burnt (this service is covered under flat-rate-estimate). Micro-soldering battery connector port, replacing Charging Port/Dock Connector and Touch Screen Digitizer/LCD will fix the device.

Here’s what we found #44273:

Service#44273 (iPhone 6 Black) requires Touch Screen Digitizer/LCD replacement along with a battery replacement service. Hardware test on this device reveled an inconsistency in battery cycles and charges. Therefore, we highly suggest battery replacement accompanied by screen replacement service.

Service Module

Service Module

Service Procedure

Diagnostics 100%
Diagnostics Report 100%
Partially Approved 100%
Take-a-part, Service & Assemble 100%
Complex Hardware & Application Test 100%
Prepare Device(s) For Pickup or Ship Out 100%

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