iPhones are one of the most beautiful reinventions Apple, Inc. is able to foster over the years. Most of the issues these devices show up are far lesser than the usability of the device and are mitigated overtime with updates rollout. And, it is quite appreciable that the user experience has been constantly maintained if not drastically improved since the initial launch of the original iPhone in 2007.

Among few stubborn issues that are not quite yet resolved, iPhone 5, 5C or 5S is showing a new kind of Mic issue which is totally weird in nature and may interest the developers.

Many of the MIC related issues in iPhones are instantly mitigated with MIC related assembly replacement. But this one, that I’m intending to discuss to the wider Apple community: users, developers, technicians and hardware manufactures as well as decoders, that the issue is not something that designated part replacement can fix. In fact, regardless of hardware replacements or factory restore procedures, the issues resides right there.

That is so true. This particular bug is related to one of my friends’ iPhone 5. When he uses his iPhone to make a call from the regular Phone App, there is no issue at all. When he uses his iPhone to make a call using Skype, Viber or any other voice responding Apps, there is absolutely no issue unless he does Handsfree. Awkward! When he does not do handsfree, there is no issue whatsoever. As soon as he does handsfree on any of the third party Apps than built-in Phone App, his MIC shows a particular issue. He may hear himself what he is speaking but the other party on the phone doesn’t hear him at all. If he does the same call using built-in Phone App, the other party hears on both calls module: handsfree and without handsfree calls – no problem – no issue – both parties are happy. Switching back to another third party app, no problem at all if the call is placed on without handsfree mode. He switches back to handsfree on any third party apps, the other party does not hear – absolutely no sound coming out – zero feed.

Now the question arises: why MIC shows as issue on handsfree calls only while using third party Apps but not in the built-in app?

The question is not whether my friend has upgraded his iPhone to the latest updates. The question is not whether my friend has restored his iPhone to the factory defaults. It’s because I have already helped him do those stuff at first place. It did not help. Here are some of the stuff we did together:

We activated SiRi. We deactivated SiRi. We turned Hearing Aid On and Off. We switched Bluetooth On and Off. We replaced Dock Connector assembly where the lower MIC resides with a known good one. We replaced the upper noise cancellation MIC assembly related to CAM, Proximity and EarSpeaker with a known good one as well as the rear top MIC assembly that is located seemingly between Flash and the Rear Cam . We cleaned the Logic Board ports for the upper assembly and the lower assembly. We refreshed cellular. We refreshed Airplane. We reset network. We reset Date and Time. We played with his iPhone from an Amature’s to a Professional Service Tech’s perspectives. None of these resolved the issue. My friend even approached Apple store and got an unfortunate response – ‘the iPhone has warranty expired and thus can’t be fixed – probably not related to hardware since built-in App is working flawlessly’.

The bug is right there no-one is interested to look into. I would like to call it a the funny thing is that his built-in App just responds MIC in regular calls as well as handsfree calls – no issues. But his any of the third party Apps he downloads and begins to use, does not support MIC function over handsfree calls.

We have seen MIC not working issues even after MIC assembly replacement in iPhone 4 and 4S due to Codec chip. Upon reflowing it or swapping it or reseating it has proven records of working back to normal. And seemingly, woking on iPhone 4 and 4S on Codec cheap is fairly easy. What about iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and 5S? I am quite interested to discuss if someone has found a reveling way of mitigating this issue – third-rate App not supporting MIC function on Handsfree calls but supporting on regular calls or calls using headphones’ that have MIC.

Are you also having this kind of issue? If YES, what was your attempted solution? We are not talking about MIC replacement worked fine kind of discussion. We are concerned about Built-in App supporting MIC function over handsfree calls and Third-party Apps not supporting MIC contain over handsfree calls. If you doubt you also need to see if such is your situation, we may let Apple know if Codec or Decoding of voice channels need additional ports to open so that in case of certain issues, rather say bugs, like this iPhone is still able to respond the MIC feed.

May be Apple has a protective layers to its built-in Apps, particularly the Phone App that uses another channel to respond and convert the MIC feed so that handsfree calls are heard without any issue. Or say the built-in Phone App uses another layer of the audio codec. Whereas the third party apps, regardless of its developers, fails to provide MIC feed that is why the other party doesn’t heart at all. If such is the case, Apple may need to open another portal that may help resolve this issue with its future updates. This is a unique issue so far I have experienced in iPhone 5 lineup. I strongly believe that it is a silly bug and patching this would not hurt the safety layer of the built-in Apps. Fixing this bug would not only help my friend who is having quite difficult time communicating with him Mom abroad, but also help developers to look into and write future voice active applications from the grounds up.